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10 Types of Pants for Men That Will Rock This Season

Good pants can give you the comfort and confidence to get the job you want, shine on a first date, or enjoy outdoor activities. From casual chinos to joggers, there are many different types of trousers for men to choose from. It can be challenging picking the best fashion styles to go with your outfit. Whether you’re dressing up cargo trousers or giving regular trousers a modern look, it’s crucial to know what trousers to wear and how to make them work for you.

Here are the pant styles every man should consider for his capsule wardrobe to inspire your new style. Some are popular, trendy and fashionable for casual attire, while others are formal and classic but will always be trendy. Ultimately, this fashion-forward guide offers a comprehensive list of the various types of pants for men.

Different Men Pant Styles

Below are the 10 most important men pants styles that every gent needs to know about so that you can build your interchangeable closet.

1. Dress Pants

Whether you’re a business professional or need this clothing essential for a smart-casual look, all guys have to own dress pants. You can match these slacks with a blazer for work or style an outfit with a shirt and sweater for a casual fit. The models are made of high-quality fabrics and usually come in a slim fit. Therefore, invest in navy and black dress pants so you’ll always have a pair of stylish trousers to wear.

Bridging the gap between casual and smart, these drawstring dress pants are guaranteed to become a fail-safe wardrobe staple that you’ll reach for time and again.

Dress Pants

2. Chinos

Chino pants serve many functions, and you can easily pair them with essentials you already own for both a fancy style and a more casual look. Due to the lightweight material, they’re a great choice for outdoor activities and warm days, and they breathe easily for added comfort.


3. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy is a classic textile, and trousers in this fabric exude a vintage and stylish air. Give them a modern twist by coupling them with a well-fitted sweater for dinner or a nice tee for a day out. Since corduroy is a warmer fabric, corduroy pants are better suited for the winter.

The cut of the slacks is reminiscent of jeans, while they have the familiar feel of a chino. Pair them with a charcoal sweater, or go the monochromatic route and pair them with a grey polo for the more classic style.

Corduroy Pants

4. Joggers

Joggers may be casual, but you can transform this comfortable athleisure look to a more stylish place when you pair it with bright shoes, a navy blazer or accessories. Neutral colors will downplay this style, but if you want to add your personality, you can try out some brighter or more daring colors. They’re also excellent for work at home or and daily activities.


5. Slim-Fit Pants

Slim-fit slacks are a chic and good way to highlight your style and enjoy a comfy outfit while still coming across as modern and casual. Choose a model that fits your build and then take them up with a blazer and darker tones or relax them with a T-shirt and lighter shades. They drift well between day and night and are more relaxed than some other options.

Slim-Fit Pants

6. Regular Fit Pants

Regular fit trousers are a classic piece that comes back into style, and you can add them to your wardrobe without much effort. They’re usually worn as a casual or smart casual piece. However, they can be accessorized to fit the streetwear style also.

Regular Fit Pants 2021

7. Jeans

Cool and always in trend, jeans are a wardrobe staple for all gents. Good denim is required, and there is a quality pair of jeans for almost every outfit and look. From skinny to slim, straight, loose and relaxed, you’ll have to experiment with the right fitting jeans for your style and body type. For a trendy fashion style that will complement a top like a sweater, invest in skinny jeans for a thinner cut.


8. Khakis

Relaxed yet classy, khakis are comfortable, easy to wear and go with all types of clothing. Paired with a blazer or jacket, khaki pants emit a low-key stylish vibe that every man can use once in a while. From work pants to a cool outfit that you can wear out with friends, casual khakis are worth having in your closet.


9. Leather Pants

Leather pants for men can be sleek, rugged, and masculine in the right social setting. From skinny leather pants for fit men to casual cuts for bikers who need padding, this pant type is reserved for adventurers. You can choose from faux leather or genuine black leather and opt for models that resemble pants.

Leather Pants

10. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have come into style due to the modernized and slimmer fit that can work for the modern guy. Avoid the explorer-style balloon trousers and choose a similar material without the oversized pockets or extreme bagginess. These slacks come in many great earth colors, so you can minimize them with dark blues and greens or go for a lighter style with the camel color.

Cargo Pants

Types of Pants Material

The following materials are the most commonly used in producing the different types of pants for men.

  • Cotton – Comfortable and soft, plus absorbs moisture with ease. Extremely durable and tolerates being washed often on high temperatures. Also, it tolerates considerable sun exposure. This fabric can be very colorfast;
  • Wool – Comfortable stretchy and moisture absorbent material. Insulates extremely well against heat and cold, even when damp. Doesn’t wrinkle easily;
  • Linen – Soft and comfy, and easily absorbs moisture. Durable and stays clean longer than other fibers;
  • Polyester – It doesn’t absorb moisture, and it’s almost wrinkle-free. Pressing holds well over time. This fabric features very little shrinking and tolerates exposure to sunlight;
  • Polyester/cotton – Comfortable and features with low wrinkle factor and holds its shape well. Almost wrinkle-free;
  • Polyester/wool – Attractive and comfortable. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and holds a press well.

What Pants Should I Wear?

For most gentlemen, the selection of bottom wear depends on its style, wearability, color, and comfort. Hardly anybody considers their body shape when buying pants. But how to know what is your body shape? There are 4 main body shapes: the inverted triangle, the rectangle, the triangle, and the oval. Below you’ll see what types of men’s pants are suitable for each shape.

Inverted Triangle

A man with an inverted triangle body shape has a narrow waist, broad shoulders,  and the upper body proportionally bigger than the lower half. Therefore, when purchasing jeans, skip the skinny types and pick the bootcut or straight pairs. The rule applies to chins pants as well. Choose a pair in a light tone to make your lower half appear larger, or go for a pair with patterns or designs to create a distraction.


If you have a proportionate form with slim arms and legs, you’re a rectangle. Here, you need to accentuate the slim build of your legs. When buying jeans, look for skinny pairs as they’ll emphasize your slim legs. When you bulk up your upper half with a jacket and shirt, it’ll help you achieve an athletic shape. Slim chino pants are also great, but be careful about the hues since bold colors might draw attention to your rectangular silhouette. When picking dress pants, go for a skinny or slim pair with slanted pockets.


People with narrow shoulders and a broader belly, hips and waist are classified as the triangle shape. Your mission should be to make your lower half look less bulky. If you also tend to weigh around your midsection, then the best jeans are with a straight-leg relaxed fit. You could choose bootcut jeans that achieve the same effect. For chinos too, you must choose darker tones and a relaxed fit. When it comes to dress pants, always choose flat-fronted models rather than a plated one to avoid the chance of having more fabric bunching around the waist.


Guys with an oval body shape have equal weight distribution across the torso, with sloping shoulders and a smaller lower half. To “extend” the lower half of your body, mid-rise jeans with slightly tapered legs and a regular fit is a perfect choice. When buying chino pants, choose dark shades, a good fit, and a wide bottom. Formal pants should also be relaxed, straight leg, and drape well. This way, you’ll balance out the two halves of the body.

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