Survival tools and Kit

20 Best Survival Tools and Kits

No matter if you live off the grid or simply regularly go camping, good survival tools can be a lifesaver. Take a look at our survival gear list for 2022 and be prepared.

Wonderful Secrets of Swami’s Beach

If you haven’t visited Swami’s Beach yet, discover the 5 incredible secrets of this surfing mecca, and book your plane ticket now.
Guide to the 7 Best Beaches in Encinitas

7 Best Beaches in Encinitas

A traveler’s guide to splendid beaches in Encinitas that reflect the magical vibe and local spirit, delivering an unforgettable experience to anyone who visits them.
How to Plan a Weekend Trip

How to Plan a Weekend Trip

Go through the ultimate checklist of the 10 most practical tips for planning a weekend trip and see how to choose a perfect place to rejuvenate and recharge energy.
10 Best Beach Chairs to Enhance Your Summer 2021

Top 10 Beach Lounge Chairs

The ocean is calling – start packing, and don’t forget to take one of the 10 best beach chairs enhanced with comfort and functionality.
California Missions History

5 Facts About California Missions History

Facts about California Missions from beginning to secularization. 10 minutes reading to learn who built missions in California, why they are built, architecture, life at missions – plus printable map of all missions’ locations.

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