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Ultimate Guide to 10 Best Jeans for Women that Fit Every Figure

Wearing jeans is never a wrong move since this garment will remain trendy even after a hundred years.

There have been many new models lately, and sometimes it’s quite challenging to find the pair that fits perfectly, which is reasonable since not all women have the same body figure and leg length.

The choices you can find today are quite versatile, and there is an option available for every woman – high waist, low waist, skinny, bootcut, and flare are just some of the popular jeans styles you can choose based on your figure type.

Accordingly, we’re going to provide you with 10 examples of the best jeans for women who’re tall, skinny, athletic, petite, or plus size. Read on and discover the type that would fit you perfectly!

1. High Rise Skinny Bond Black – The Best Jeans for Curvy Women ($128.00 on Mott & Bow)

Black jeans are quite practical, and you can combine them with every garment in order to achieve an excellent outfit.

This Mott & Bow’s model is suitable for every figure, but it’s especially convenient for curvy women since it emphasizes the waist and gives your body an excellent shape. They are an ideal choice for every occasion, from office to a cocktail party, and since they’re very comfortable, you can wear them during a relaxed walk.

Speaking of the materials, these jeans are made of light, stretchy fabrics and fade-resistant technology that makes sure the color remains the same, even after numerous washes.


2. Petite 9” Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Berkeley Black: Button-Through Edition – The Best Jeans For Petite Women ($135.00 on Madewell)

Petite women have always had a hard time finding the jeans that would suit them right. Luckily, that’s not a problem anymore.

If you are looking for something that’s both casual and sexy, then these Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans are an excellent choice for you. This particular model has a supersleek effect thanks to Magic Pockets in front, which provide the slimmest and the smoothest look you have never seen before.

These womens jeans sit above hip, they perfectly fit through hip and thigh, and they’ve got a skinny leg. They are suitable for short and petite women who want their legs to look longer, but they also come in sizes convenient for taller girls.


3. GRLFRND Karolina High Waist Skinny Jeans – The Best Jeans for Short Women ($210.00 on Nordstrom)

Short women know the real struggle of finding the best jeans that won’t leave a pool of fabric at the ankle or distressed details that hit at the wrong spot. Most designers sell the jeans that fit the ‘regular’ leg size only, which is why you need to look at various stores until you find something that will suit you perfectly.

This model from GRLFRND is designed especially for short girls, and they look perfect on them. These jeans are cut from 100% denim, which means that they’re quite durable – that said, no worries whether they’ll bag or sag during the time.

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They will provide you with confidence and the high-waist silhouette that will make your legs look longer, and since they are not entirely skinny, you’ll feel quite comfortable in them. They’re suitable for everyday walks, office, and combined with elegant shirts or tops, they can be a perfect choice for parties or conferences.

4.      PAIGE Transcend-Bell Canyon High Waist Flare Jeans – The Best Jeans for Tall Women ($215.00 on Nordstrom)

Tall girls are fashion-friendly, and they can fit the most trendy outfits. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a hard time finding the perfect clothes for them, especially when it comes to jeans and pants in general.

Long legs are gorgeous and demanding at the same time – pants that run small or short are the common problem many tall girls are facing, which is similar to the issue that petite girls meet during regular shopping. But solutions do exist!

That said, these flare jeans are an excellent choice for tall women who want to emphasize the length of their legs and achieve an elegant and retro look. Even though some of them prefer skinny jeans, which are also a great choice, the bell-bottoms style is impressive as well.


These flare jeans from PAIGE have a high waist and on-trend flare cuffs that go perfectly with heels, flats, or elegant shoes in general – accordingly, you can wear them while running errands during the day, and when going out with friends on Saturday night.

5.      Good American Twist Seam Crop Straight Leg Jeans – The Best Jeans for Women Over 50 ($49.97 on Nordstrom Rack)

When it comes to purchasing the jeans, most women tend to avoid models that are low rise, skinny, ripped, or faded. The reason is that the majority of them want to wear classic jeans that suit their body shape and make them look trendy in their 50s.

Such requirements are included in this Good American’s model – it fits every curve thanks to its cropped straight-leg design, and since it has no holes, it’s a perfect solution for every woman who wants to look according to her age. Besides, their contoured, high-waistband will provide you with a flawless fit, and that will emphasize your feminine figure.


These jeans for women over 50 are made for both petite and plus-size females, and they go perfectly with turtleneck sweaters, tops, and shirts. You can also combine them with heels, All-Stars, or anything else you feel comfy in – therefore, these are the best jeans for older women so far.

6.      High-Waisted Plus-Size Rockstar Skinny Jeans – The Best Jeans for Plus Size Women ($30.00 on Old Navy)

Plus size women often go for baggy, long pants, which is usually a bad solution. Such models can make you look big, and they never provide a nice body shape, unlike skinny jeans, which can look perfect on a plus-size woman.

If you are in doubt about which type of jeans you should choose, we recommend these high-waisted, skinny jeans you can find on Old Navy – they are quite comfortable, and they contain secret-slim pockets will provide you with a slimming effect and boost your confidence instantly!

This fantastic pair of jeans is ideal for everyday activities, but you can also combine it with some elegant garments that will make your outfit legendary.


7.      Leopard High-Rise Paper Bag Wide-Leg Jeans – The Best Designer Jeans for Women ($150.00 on Guess)

If you enjoy designer clothes, which is always trendy and top-class, let us suggest you this pair of leopard-print wide-leg jeans from Guess.

These pants are quite elegant, fashionable, and suitable for every sophisticated event. They have a super high-rise, which sits right above the natural waist and gives it a slimming effect and makes your legs look longer.

Apart from providing an excellent body shape, these are the best denim jeans that will give you an authentic retro look thanks to their triple-button fly, paper bag waist, and logo-embroidered elastic trim, which goes along the back.


8.      High-Waisted Rockstar Raw-Edge Ankle Jeans for Women – The Best Cheap Jeans for Women ($19.97 on Old Navy)

If you love having a lot of different pants in your closet, then you must be looking for affordable jeans whose purchase won’t affect your budget.

If that’s the case, consider these high-waisted raw-edge ankle jeans offered by Old Navy. They are affordable, fashionable, and suitable for every body type, and you can combine them with different garments and shoes.

They bring a slimming effect that will contour your body and give it an excellent shape, and the soft, dark-wash denim will make you feel comfortable whenever you wear it.


9.      JFK Skinny 29” Icicle – The Best Skinny Jeans for Women ($98.00 on Warp + Weft)

Skinny jeans are always the right choice since they go perfectly with every garment. Still, true skinny pants shouldn’t become baggy and saggy after some time, which is why it’s essential to find ones that will remain tight and functional.

JFK skinny jeans combine a sculpted streamlined shape with a significant dose of comfort, which will make you want to wear them all the time. They are quite smooth and soft jeans women love because of their ultra-light second skin that supports and shapes you without feeling uncomfortable.

These are the best jeans to be worn with both casual and elegant garments, and since they come in various colors, you can choose the one that meets your needs.


10.       Mother The Hustler Ankle Fray – The Best Jeans Overall ($238.00 on Revolve)

Even though we’re in the middle of the fall season, we do need a dose of rainbow colors to bring joy to the autumn tones.

Accordingly, these are the best jeans for women who want to bring something new to their regular outfit and bring some joy to the black and white world. The psychedelic rainbow print makes these jeans stylish and unique, and they are the perfect choice for almost every occasion.

Since they are made of 98% cotton, we can say that The Hustler Ankle Fray are the best quality jeans you can find nowadays, and their extraordinary design makes them convenient for parties, cocktails, and late-night drive.


Instead of Conclusion – How to Find the Best Fitting Jeans for Women?

Most women can’t find the best jeans because they look in the wrong direction – that said, they don’t consider size and fit.

Speaking of the size, you shouldn’t assume it but take the right measurements of your body, paying special attention to your waist and leg length. Most jeans designers will offer their unique size chart, which will help you choose the perfect size based on your body measurements.

As for the fit, make sure the jeans fit your waist and tights – if you are not sure whether they’re right, do a couple of squats in the fitting room; if there is a gap between your back and the waistband, you need a smaller size, and if you feel stiffness on your tights, you need a size up.

All in all, find the pair of jeans that make you feel comfortable and confident while wearing them – that’s the best piece of advice we can give you!

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