Wonderful Secrets of Swami’s Beach, a Famous Surfing Mecca in Encinitas, California

Did you know that San Diego has so many hidden gems? Apart from being famous for Comic-Con, this majestic city on the Pacific coast of California has a beautiful coastline filled with amazing beaches suitable for surfing, sunbathing, swimming, and freeing your mind.

Swami’s State beach is one of the most popular surfing spots on the San Diego coastline. Located in sunny Encinitas, Swami’s Beach is the heaven for surfers and those who’d like to learn this historic water sport.

It is often packed with people who choose this spot due to the majestic view, rocky bluffs, and tide pools, which occur during low tides. Swami is also of great cultural and spiritual importance, so it is one of Encinitas’s most popular getaway destinations.

Swami’s Beach is busy throughout the year, so it’s never the wrong time to visit it. Take the room at the closest bed and breakfast inn and catch the waves at one of the best pointbreaks on Earth.

5 Crucial Reasons to Visit Swami’s Beach Encinitas

Encinitas is an amalgam of ’60s-inspired culture and contemporary tendencies characterized by boutique shopping and modern restaurants. Apart from vibrant and authentic local beaches for surfing and swimming, Encinitas gives you the opportunity to explore a thriving downtown and meet the local artisans, meditation gardens, and yoga studios reflecting ancient wisdom and inspiring knowledge.

Let’s go through the 5 most critical reasons to visit Encinitas and its most famous surfing spot – Swami’s beach.

1.      Swami’s Beach is the Best Point Break in Encinitas, California

Swami’s beach is an exposed beach and reef break with fairly consistent ground swells and wind swells, providing the ideal swell angle convenient for catching the waves. The best time for surfing is during mid-tide.

Swami’s surf spot offers an exceptional riding experience for intermediate and advanced surfers. It is an ideal place to meet some top-class surfers, enjoy a magnificent view from the cliff, or even take surfing lessons.

According to many experienced surfers, Swami’s beach is not the best surfing spot for beginners. Due to the reef offshore, many hazardous sharp points may appear under the water, which is why this spot may be dangerous for inexperienced surfers.

Still, the fact that you have never surfed before doesn’t mean you should avoid this beach. Feel free to take surfing lessons with the Maui Surf Academy at Swami’s and learn the basics of catching the waves before stepping into the ocean with your surfboard.

There are many activities you can do at Swami. Apart from surfing, you may opt for picnicking, beach walking, tide pooling, whale watching, etc. Note that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach.

Swami’s Beach is the Best Point Break in Encinitas, California

Swami’s Surf Report

More advanced surfers may be interested in real-time statistics and surf reports. According to Swami’s surf report, the best season for surfing is winter, when surfers can enjoy consistent and clean waves.

·       Clean waves usually occur in January (52%). These waves are considered more surfable since they hold up well for longer rides in cross-offshore, offshore, or light wind conditions.

·       Blown out waves are of lower quality, but they are convenient for kitesurfing. They tend to be present 35% of the time.

·       Too small waves are considered too small for quality surfing. However, they may be ideal for beginners and groms. They are found 13% of the time.

The water temperature at Swami may be quite chilly at this time of the year (59 °F/15 °C). To surf comfortably, many surfers go for a sealed wetsuit, neoprene gloves, and boots.

2.      Swami’s Encinitas Ashram Center and Meditation Gardens

A famous Swami’s beach got its name after the founder of Self Realization Fellowship Meditation GardensSwami Paramahansa Yogananda. Surfers used to see him walking on the beach all the time, which is why they decided to name this place by this wise teacher.

“There is great value in visiting places where saints have lived. Such places are forever permeated with the vibrations left there by the divine souls who walked those grounds. Their vibrations will remain until this earth is dissolved. ”

— Paramahansa Yogananda

Visitors describe this place as heaven on Earth. Gardens on the top of a cliff provide spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, beach, and surfers who cannot wait to catch the plentiful waves.

By visiting Self-Realization Fellowship, you have the opportunity to see:

·       Encinitas Temple

·       J Street Auxiliary Chapel

·       Meditation Gardens

·       The Hermitage

·       SRF Encinitas Retreat

·       SRF Books & Gifts

·       SRF Golden Lotus Towers.

3.      Swami’s Beach Seaside Park

Due to its shaded areas and spectacular views, Swami’s Seaside park is a perfect spot for picnics and surfers who want to take a break. A grass lawn with several picnic tables is ideal for families with kids, who can see so much reef under the water when the day is bright.

The park is close to the parking lot, where you can find restrooms. There is also a large, steep staircase through which you can access the beach and enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean surrounded by palms and unusual flours.

Seaside Park is the place where many artistic and yoga-minded people gather to celebrate life. Every Sunday, they sing, dance, potluck, and play musical instruments – and you are welcome to join them!

Swami’s Beach Sunsets

4.      Swami’s Beach Sunsets

You cannot leave Encinitas until you see an incredible sunset. After an exciting day spent on the waves, you should seize the opportunity to sit on the cliff and contemplate the magical sunset reflecting on the ocean’s surface.

Sunsets are here to help us free our minds, forget the stressful weeks, and indulge in the present. Take some great sunset photos and let this visual pleasure become an unforgettable experience you’ll bring as a souvenir from Encinitas.

5.      Tide Pools at Swami’s Beach

Swami’s Beach is ideal for long walks when the tides are low. Tide pools may be found on the rocky areas, allowing you to explore a rich marine life full of brittle stars, sea hares, octopuses, and other tiny creatures. This can be pretty exciting for children, who may learn something new and connect with nature.

Exploring tide pools should be one of your weekend adventures, especially if you are a true nature lover. Check surf reports at Swami’s to check whether the tides are low enough for pools to be open.

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