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17 Timeless & Trendy Short Hairstyles for Men with Attitude

Wearing a short cut is all about expressing yourself. You are incomparable, and your look should represent that. That doesn’t mean just going to your barber and shave your head. Examine how you want your hair to look, and if you do your research correctly, you’ll discover a cut that will skyrocket your personality. But, to reveal the right short haircut will depend not just on your personal preferences but also on your face shape. Some short haircuts for men suit certain face shapes better than others but don’t that limit your choices.

Here are top 17 short men’s haircuts to choose from, sweeping from the old school quiff to some rebellious mohawk cuts. Let’s explore the right style for your needs.

Best Men’s Short Haircuts

1. Pompadour

A perennial classic, the pompadour is one of the most popular short hairstyles for men of all time. What makes this haircut stands out is its volume and sleekness. Here, the hair is fashioned up and away from the face, making a kind of mound on top of your head. Made famous by James Dean and Elvis Presley back in the day, the pompadour works best for guys with straight hair.

This is perfect for gents with wide jawlines and high cheekbones and, but making a few changes to how it’s styled can make it wearable for anyone.


2. Quiff

A classic short hair quiff is easy to maintain and has that vintage appeal. It’s similar to the Ivy League cut, with a similar graduated length and side parting. Still, the hair is a little longer on top, with some even longer pieces at the front, which you can style however you wish.

One popular choice is a side-swept or soft comb over quiff. The sides are still short, but since this is an old-school look, they won’t be faded or buzzed by your barber. Just like the Ivy League, the short hair quiff is one of the best men’s short haircuts for thin hair.


3. Ivy League

Short Ivy League haircuts are neat and fresh, and they require little to no maintenance thanks to their length. Anyway, you need to be careful as this style is almost identical to a crew cut. To avoid any confusion, you must maximize a part and comb the top hair to the side. Plus, you can opt for a longer taper on the sides or even a medium to short undercut. Don’t forget that stubble balances this hairstyle ideally as it brings extra texture.

It works with pretty much all sorts of hair, from thick, straight to curly and wavy. Just, keep the side relatively short and style the top with a side part.

Ivy League

4. Fade

Fade haircuts are quite trendy when it comes to men’s short haircuts. As a type of tapering your hair, fades can be as subtle or striking as you’d like them to be. There are different sorts of fades to pick from depending on how high on your head you start, going from a taper fade to a high fade. Fades are an excellent accent to other short hairstyles for black men especially.

A high fade is great for square and round face shapes, while oblong face shapes can profit from a low fade.


5. Undercut

The short undercut is a gorgeous haircut that shows how versatile the style can be. For many gents, the short hair undercut offers the appeal of a low-maintenance cut that can be achieved effortlessly, particularly if you get an undercut with shaved sides. Whether you get a crew cut, buzz cut, side part, a crop top, or spiky hair, short length hairstyles for men provide a stylish yet masculine look. Just style with a mate product to get a textured finish for that all-natural appearance.

So, if you prefer the look of an undercut but enjoy a subtle style, you should try a short undercut.


6. Slick Back

Keeping the hair pushed back is a great hairstyle when you’re trying to grow your hair out. It’s one of the simplest short hairstyles for older men that is no-fuss and effortlessly classy. You don’t need to have long or medium hair to sport a slick back haircut. Even short strands can ideally pull off this sleek trend. So, if you’ve got a cropped cut, consider a slicked-back style for a polished look. Still, be careful of how much hair product you apply to secure your style.

It can work with various hair lengths and is perfect for guys with the oval or diamond face shape.

Slick Back

7. Comb Over

Short comb over is the lightest variant possible. With this, you won’t be left without a chic hipster look and will be able to shorten the morning styling time. Like in the classic variant, the lengths on the sides and back are identical, and it can also be combined with a fade, which is up to you. The short comb over is a safe option that looks good on most heads. With only 2″ or 3″ of hair on top, guys of all hair types can wear a short hair comb over haircut.

A lot of guys prefer a short comb over style since it’s easy to maintain.

Comb Over

8. Hight and Tight

The high and tight is a classic hairstyle that’s a variant of the buzz cut. For decades, it’s been widely seen on the heads of men in the military, and it’s also found its way into civilian life.

It’s one of the shortest men’s hairstyles available that still keeps a distinct characteristic and isn’t a flat-out buzz cut. One of the biggest advantages of this hairdo is its ease. If you have a good set of hair clippers, you can easily give yourself this haircut. But, if you like to leave all your hairstyles up to your trusty barber, you’ll be happy to know that most hairdressers are familiar with the high and tight.

Hight and Tight

9. Hard Part

Stylish, avant-garde, and fresh all in one, the hard part haircut is one of the coolest hairstyles for men among top-trending choices this year. It’s structured to divide your hair into two sections, often along the natural part of the hair. This effective method expertly separates the sides from the top, even though some gents like more a razor line as part of a haircut in their fade.

The thickness of the part comes down to personal preference. It’s a perfect touch for guys with square face shapes who want to go for more classic styles, like the comb-over or side part.

Hard Part

10. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a hairstyle that has been popular for decades and seems likely to stay a fashionable option for years to come. One of the reasons for its reputation is that it’s a low maintenance style that doesn’t come with any additional costs. If you want to retain your hairstyle relatively short, then this might be one of the best short hairstyles for men. Many guys favor crew cut as a hairdo in more professional settings, but it can be easily alternated with a fade and some styling for more texture.

Crew cuts are fantastic for gents with a square face shape who want a little more smoothness to their sharp angles.

Crew Cut

11. Fringe Cut

Perfect for men who want a low-maintenance style, a short fringe is both clean-cut and masculine. Frequently compared to a military cut, this haircut begins with a fade or undercut on the sides to produce contrast. The difference is, even with short fringes, you’ll need more length on top to hang over the forehead. Like a Caesar crop, short hair bangs are easy to get and simple to style. Brush the hair forward, sweep it to the side, or spike it up to change your image.

Many face shapes can rock the fringe cut, but it’s especially beneficial for gents with long face shapes.

Fringe Cut

12. Faux Hawk

A short faux hawk is tamer than the longer variants of this hairdo and allows you to add some texture to the hair. The trick when cutting a faux hawk is to make sure you style it with precision. You won’t be working with longer proportions, so it’s up to the product you’re applying to ensure it sits right. It’s recommended to use a matte hair product (pomade) and a good deal of patience. You can use a comb, but the fingers are better for added precision.

Featuring a faux hawk is excellent for round and diamond face shapes due to its textured top.

Faux Hawk

13. Mohawk

The short Mohawk haircuts have successfully removed the prejudice that goes along with them. Not only the punk rockers, the emo, or the Gothic men rock them. Hollywood celebrities, famous athletes, and even chic men opt for the Mohawk for their edgy appearance. With a mohawk, all your hair is shaved, only leaving a strip of hair running down the center that’s dramatically styled upwards to create bold spikes. Even if you opt to keep your Mohawk short and more subdued, it’ll still make you stick out from the crowd due to how prominent the haircut is in general.

Many face shapes can wear Mohawk well. These include square, round, oblong, and diamond face shapes.


14. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has been known to be a popular hairdo for the military men. Although the buzz cut might look like your regular haircut, it can be just as attractive as other very short hairstyles for men. It’s also a very low maintenance cut that can be fantastic for guys suffering from hair loss.

Your preferences stand out and take center stage with a buzz cut, so it’s ideal for gents who want something simple but striking. Square face shapes can benefit from this cut, but it’s a good match for men with diamond or oblong face shapes.

Buzz Cut

15. Caesar Crop

You can have a fabulously polished and sophisticated Caesar cut by opting for a uber-short length with tapered sides. As the haircut edges will be highly visible with this style, it’s crucial to visit a professional barber. Otherwise, you could end up with a messy shape, especially along the bang line and around the temples. It can add your hair more texture and is an effortless technique for garnering a smart hair design.

Gents with oval, diamond, or square faces can sport this hairstyle, as the Caesar crop’s fringes can bring out these face shapes’ stronger features.

Caesar Crop

16. French Crop

The French crop is a legendary and timeless short haircut. Although it is considered a classic hairstyle thanks to its appearance, it can reach a modern appearance with tiny creative touches. In this hairdo, the back and sides’ hair is cutting or clipping, but not too much. There is no huge difference between the sides and the top of the hair when it comes to length.

Thereby, a disconnected and overly contrasted image doesn’t exist. Different cutting methods can be used for the tops of the hair in this style. Two of these are blunt cut and point cut. Your barber will help you to make the best choice.

French Crop

17. Spiky Hair

Short spiky hairstyles are always simpler to manage and style, particularly if you have curly or wavy hair. Mixed with a fade or undercut on the sides, gents can keep the look messy and complex or simple and neat. As one of the sweetest short hairstyles for men with curly hair, our hair experts highly recommend the spiky hair fade. To style short spiky hair, apply product into your hair in the areas you want to style.

For instance, if you’re going to concentrate the spikes on top of the head, be sure the product is thoroughly applied there.

Spiky Hair

Men’s Short Hairstyles FAQs

Some of the most prevalent hairstyles for short hair men are the quiff, pompadour, undercut, fade, slick back, and comb over. The short back and sides with a bit on top is by far the trendiest short hairstyle for men. Our hairstyle doctors recommend taking inspiration from David Beckham.

The leading low maintenance men’s short haircuts are the crew cut, buzz cut French crop, Ivy League, clean shave, fade, and fringe cut.

It’s best to apply hair product on damp hair. Blow-dry for an authentic style or leave your hair air dry. Airbrushes and combs are only necessary if you’re trying to achieve a particular hairstyle; otherwise, keep it messy.

Even with a short cut and style, gents have a plethora of options. You can get a low, mid, or high fade blended with a crop top, buzz cut, crew cut, or Caesar crop. If your hair is thick, you can even add spikes, a textured bang, quiff, or pompadour.

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