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10 Burglar Approved Home Security Tips to Fully Secure Your Home

We tend to invest a lot of money in home décor. It does contribute to the overall aesthetic concept, but it also brings headaches. Keeping expensive stuff in the house can be quite stressful, especially since we live in volatile times when safety is affected more than ever.

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, you are at risk of being robbed. Therefore, you must be prepared for unforeseen situations and react accordingly to prevent the onset of events that could leave severe consequences on your psychical and financial status.

This article will provide the 10 essential tips on how to protect your home from burglary and suggest the best home security ideas you are encouraged to apply.

How to Secure Your Home?

The ways of protecting your home from thieves are different, but not all of them are equally efficient. You will choose the best method based on many factors, such as the zone where you live, the surroundings, and the value of the items you keep on the property.

Overall, there are some general “rules” for safeguarding your home, and the 10 most convenient are:

1.      Hire a Reliable Residential Security Company

Although security tools and alarms have been upgraded, they cannot provide the same protection level as actual persons. By hiring security guards, you will take your safety to the next level and achieve peace of mind, essential for these times of crisis.

Well-trained and professional residential security guards will actively observe the field and make sure nothing happens on their watch. They will identify security risks and fix them before they cause any problem, ensuring 100% protection even when you are away.

Residential security is also essential for building owners. By choosing a professional company to protect your building, you give your residents more reasons to stay. They will not only feel safe there, but they will also worry less about their families and belongings.

Besides, criminals will be intimidated by the fact that someone is watching the property, which will prevent them from trying to perform any mischievous activity.

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2.      Protect Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable entrances in your home, which is why you need to protect them thoroughly. It is recommended to upgrade your windows with shatterproof glass to prevent anyone from breaking them to access your home. Window protection from burglars will make sure the glass is durable enough to resist any attempt of forceful entering.

As for doors, they should be protected with security bars. This is especially important for sliding doors that tend to have flimsy locks that can easily be broken.

3.      Change the Locks

Homeowners who have just purchased the property from someone should change the locks immediately. You can never be sure about who has the key and when they are going to use it, which is why it is better to meet a locksmith and replace the old locks before you get surprised by an old owner’s foe.

4.      Install an Advanced Home Alarm System

Although alarms cannot keep burglars from breaking into your home, these objects can detect unusual activities and notify the police that something’s wrong. Still, you shouldn’t forget to engage the alarm while you are away or while at home – that way, you may protect one part of your home while working in another.

Whether you opt for a basic or professional home security system, you will increase your protection levels and feel a higher dose of safety, especially when you’re away.

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5.      Install Security Cameras

Alongside the alarm system for house protection, it is vital to install security cameras to monitor your house’s essential areas. Whether you go for a separate camera purchase or the entire home security system, the very idea of having access to visual surveillance of your property enhances your sense of security no matter where you are.

The best would be to use a security camera with a mobile app, which allows you to monitor the activity and see footage in real-time. Such systems also allow you to store the footage and show it to the police.

6.      Make Your Home Look Occupied

Burglars will seize any opportunity to perform their activities, which is why you should secure your home in the best possible way, especially when you’re traveling or leaving your home for some time. If thieves notice that your house is empty, they will strike with more confidence.

Here are some home security tips and tricks that will make your house look occupied:

  • Place lamps strategically so that it looks like people are using different rooms.
  • Leave a TV or radio on a moderate volume. Noise will make burglars think that the house is not empty.
  • It is better not to close all your curtains and blinds. Leave a few of them open so that the police or neighbors can see inside and react in the case of unusual activity.

7.      Meet the Neighbors

Neighbors can be of significant help when you are away. Get to know them better and rely on their instincts since they can often detect suspicious activities on your property. Neighbors see the individuals who frequently visit your property, which is why they can easily spot a stranger trying to break in or steal something.

A good neighbor will notify you if they see something suspicious or call the police to prevent potential damage.

8.      Clean Your Yard Regularly

People tend to leave their items in plain sight, which is a bad practice. Garden furniture, lawn decorations, bikes, and other valuable stuff should be put in a safe place (garage, for example) and out of the sight of thieves.

Another mistake homeowners commonly make is leaving the ladder outside, which is a convenient opportunity for thieves to enter the property pretty quickly. Don’t forget to put away all the items from the yard that could facilitate the burglar’s attempt to break in – there are cases where thieves entered the home by breaking the windows with a kid’s toy they found in the yard.

9.      Get a Dog to Enhance Your House Protection

Apart from being your best companions, dogs can safeguard your home and scare the criminals. The best breeds you can rely on are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, which are considered bright enough to go through an appropriate training where they’ll learn how to recognize an intruder and react accordingly.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you can pretend you have one. Buy some dog toys and food bowls and place them in the yard – when burglars see them, they will assume a dog is protecting your area.

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10.      Don’t Allow Thieves to Hide

Any unsecured place on your property can be a perfect spot for thieves to hide. Therefore, it is recommended to trim trees and bushes that could block a window a prevent you from seeing what’s going on outside.

Besides, you can never go wrong with lightening. Some places around your home may be dark, which allows thieves to access your home without you noticing. Therefore, consider installing lights in various places, especially entrances, to get a clearer sight and prevent potential inconveniences.

Burglars Don’t Want You to Know These Things

Criminals come up with comprehensive plans before they start their actions. However, they are prepared for some unforeseen events that could occur, and the best way to prevent them from acting is by knowing their modus operandi.

Let’s go through the 10 things that burglars have in mind when plan on breaking in:

  • Some burglars will try to go unnoticed by your security cameras, while others avoid homes with such security measures.
  • Most burglars tend to avoid your home if you have security alarms installed.
  • Master burglars will look for the signs of an unoccupied house by focusing on trash cans, recycling bins, newspapers, and an overgrown lawn.
  • More than 30% of robbers enter a home through an unlocked door, window, or other unprotected entrances without using force.
  • Criminals often look for overgrown trees and bushes, which they use as a cover-up.
  • Some burglars knock on the door before breaking in. In most cases, if someone answers the door, they come up with a false story.
  • Most criminals are intimidated by the noise that comes from radio or TV.
  • Robbers rarely go to the kids’ rooms, but they go straight to the master’s bedroom.
  • Burglars also hate barking dogs and curious neighbors.
  • Robbers choose to break in during the daytime when the family members are at work or school.

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