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Best Wrench Organizer for Your Wrench Collection – Top 10 Picks for 2022 [+ Full Buying Guide]

Keeping your tools safe and well-organized with the wrench organizer will save you time finding the right wrench when you urgently need it. We know how frustrating it can be, so a right wrench holder will allow you to accommodate multiple sizes of wrenches perfectly.

Organizing wrenches is important to keep your equipment in good working order. Wrench holders are actually racks designed to organize all your wrenches and keep them safe. Some of them can be large, some are designed for easy carrying or storage, while others are used in a fixed spot such as a workshop or garage. Another option is a toolbox wrench organizer, which fits in a drawer of your workshop desk or the toolbox. You will be able to find the wrench simply by skimming inside the organizer. Cool, isn’t it?

In this text, we will present you some of the best wrench organizers available on Amazon . There you can find the best selection of the wrench holders for toolbox or pegboard and the best prices. We prepared a list of the 10 best wrench holders and organizers for any space, work style and budget. We will also inform you what features to look for while buying a wrench carrier in the buying guide.

10 Best Wrench Holders Reviews

The best way to organize wrenches is certainly using wrench holders. They help you sort and store tools, so they are always in the right place and at your fingertips. Look at our list to help you choose.

1. Best Overall – Ernst Manufacturing 16-Tool Wrench Organizer Trays

Ernst Manufacturing 16-Tool Wrench Organizer Trays

Choosing the Ernst Manufacturing wrench will definitely clean up your drawer and tool chest. This 2-pieces set comes with sturdy slots to fit the various sizes of wrenches, is color-coded to allow quick identification of metric or standard, robust enough to withstand years of abuse with no sharp edges to cut you.

What is best, this standard solid plastic wrench organizer tray includes one red and one reverse black tray, designed for a standard set of 16 wrenches each. It is great for storage in the toolbox or on the wall – they measure 12.2”L x 7.5”W x 1.5″H. They can also be installed with double-sided or magnetic tape, which needs to be purchased separately.

WHAT WE LIKED // Excellent for wall storage, Saves a lot of space, Highly resistant material

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Tools tend to fall off if moved

2. Best Magnetic – Olsa Tools Magnetic Wrench Organizer

Olsa Tools Magnetic Wrench Organizer

This red plastic wrench organizer reliably holds your wrenches with efficiently designed clips, so you can grab the wrench easily and quickly, making it very convenient. It is a heavy-duty, durable tool made of high-quality materials. With a firm grip, you can easily hang it on any metal surface, put it in the toolbox or tool storage drawer.

The base of the wrench organizer features a ridge that prevents your wrenches from making contact with the metallic surface, preventing unnecessary scratches and dents. It can hold 10 metric (10mm-19mm) and standard (3/8″-3/4″) rachet wrench sets. With a full load of wrenches, the magnets have no problem keeping the holder in place.

WHAT WE LIKED // Strong magnet, Good quality

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Wrenches are packed closely together, Not simple to remove a wrench

3. Best Foam Wrench Organizer – 5S Tool Box Shadow Foam Organizers

5S Tool Box Shadow Foam Organizers

No more misplaced or lost tools – this foam organizer will transform your toolbox into something everyone will envy. Imagine every tool has its place and is easy to find, saving you valuable time and money – it is possible with 5S tool Box Foam Organizers. It is made of polyethylene in custom size 16.625″ x 22.25″. You will get 2 sheets of foam consisting of a top ½” thick and a bottom ¼” thick.

This dual-color shadow foam will quickly allow you to see when tools are missing, and anyone can return tools to the proper place with ease. An adhesive strip on the backside ensures the foam stays in place securely. You will need to cut the foam in the shape of your wrenches. Use a sharpie to trace your tool outlines on the paper.

WHAT WE LIKED // High-quality foam, It will last a long time

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Time consuming to cut by hand, Pricey

4. Best Rail-Style – OEMTOOLS Magnetic Wrench Organizer

OEMTOOLS Magnetic Wrench Organizer

This sturdy wrench sorter features durable plastic rails with 40 slots. Strong magnets keep the tool chest drawer organizer rails attached to any metal surface, even when the magnetic wrench rack is fully loaded. This professional wrench organizer for toolbox and tool chest organizer holds both SAE and metric wrenches by size for your convenience.

This 4 piece tool holder set measures 16.6” x 2.2” x 1.1” and is “V” shaped for easy wrench organization from smallest to largest. This holder keeps wrenches securely in place when opening and shutting drawers. Get your working area in order.

WHAT WE LIKED // Sturdy plastic

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // A little too tall for some toolboxes

5. Best Open-End Wrench Organizer – GEARWRENCH 2 Pc. Reversible Wrench Rack

GEARWRENCH 2 Pc. Reversible Wrench Rack

The GEARWRENCH Reversible Wrench Rack Set contains 2 space-saving organizers that each hold SAE or metric wrenches of sizes up to 1”. The two included racks have different colored rails for easy SAE vs. metric differentiation. The angled design will save 30% more space in the toolbox drawer.

These racks include key usability features like quick change, self-aligning, and reversible side rails, along with the reinforced plastic composite material slots that guide wrenches, so they always face forward for easier and quicker identification, making this also a great combination wrench organizer.

WHAT WE LIKED // Solid rubber rail slots

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // It does not fit the wrenches from some companies

6. Best Roll Up Wrench Organizer – Bull Tools Bag Organizer

Bull Tools Bag Organizer

This wrench organizer roll pouch measures 30” x 13.5”. It is made of 100% dyed and washed heavy-weight duck cotton canvas/waterproof PVC laminated 18 ounces ballistic Oxford canvas. With 22+4 tool slots that increment in size, you can store your wrench kit or various tools. A great way to organize your wrenches and to craft supplies – just roll it from the side and tie it for storage. The roll will hold everything from 4” to 12” in length and from 0.75” to 2” inches in width.

This simple and functional design with a small flap at one end that prevents the wrench from peeping out of the roll in rolled position. Flat Size is 30” x 13.5”, while rolled size is 13.5” x 5”.

WHAT WE LIKED // Easy to clean and carry, Plenty of pockets

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Mostly single stitched

7. Best Portable – Ernst Manufacturing 5076-Red Gripper Wrench Organizer

Ernst Manufacturing 5076-Red Gripper Wrench Organizer

Organize your wrenches in one place and securely transport them to the job site with the Gripper Wrench Organizer from Ernst Manufacturing. It allows for easy one-handed engagement and removal of wrenches. This holder can also be used as a wrench wall organizer because it is wall-mountable – you can easily hang it from pegboard hooks for easy access and identification.

This 11 tool organizer measures 10”L x 2”W x 1.75”H, which makes it a perfect fit for your tool drawer.  The unique stubby design accommodates 3/8” to 1” stubby and line wrenches and allow for immediate recognition of a missing wrench.

WHAT WE LIKED // Plastic is soft and pliable

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Slots are not wide enough for open-ended and combination wrenches

8. Best Case Organizer – ANKHON Wrench Organizer Case

ANKHON Wrench Organizer Case

This wrench storage in the form of a case provides 100% protection. It is made of premium and extremely durable EVA material and oxford fabric outside, which has a good moisture-proof and waterproof effect. This wrench holder can protect your wrench from scratching, falling, damaging, and impacting.

The internal design of the wrench set storage case features an elastic band design, which is specially designed for different sizes of wrenches, making it a perfect socket wrench organizer. The SAE sizes that fit are 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, 1”; metric sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 mm.

WHAT WE LIKED // Firm handle, Easy to carry, Great capacity

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Glue that holds the inside liner may give up

9. Best Wrench Drawer Organizer – WIREZOLL Toolbox Wrench Organizer

WIREZOLL Toolbox Wrench Organizer

This WIREZOLL Toolbox Wrench Organizerr organizes 29 combination (1/4″ to 1″), 24 Allen, 20 mini and 3 flare nut wrenches. It measures 22″ in length and 16″ in width, and 1/8″ in height, and it is the perfect tool drawer wrench organizer for most roll-away toolboxes. Available in black and lime green color. This is what you need to separate the different sizes of wrenches.

It takes up the whole drawer and makes it really simple to find a wrench quickly. It is a great initial organizer but even better after it is full; it lets you see at a glance what is missing. It is really easy to trim a little bit off the side if it cannot fit in your drawer or toolbox. Warezoll organizer takes up less space than foam inserts.

WHAT WE LIKED // Price, Very functional, Sturdy design

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Slots are not marked

10. Best for Toolbox – Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer

Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer

This Tool Sorter organizer will help you sort and store tools, so they are always in the right place. This low-profile tray saves space and stores up to 28 tools in almost any toolbox. Tray measures 13.5″x 10”x 1.5”. Holds wrenches from ¼” – ¾” (7mm to 19mm) (max lengths from 6.5” to 9.5”). Tools sit inside the tray, protected from dents and scratches. It is made of durable ABS plastic and is built to withstand your toughest projects.

Easy-to-read labels make finding the right size tool a snap with no squinting. Size and sort bar makes putting wrenches back where they belong quick and easy. It is designed to hold the most sizes and brands of wrenches on the market. Just note that the wrench organizer is designed for toolbox use, and wrenches are not held tightly in place.

WHAT WE LIKED // Rigid plastic, Excellent for tool carts with drawers

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // More expensive than it should be

How to Choose Wrench Holders?

You need to consider your specific needs before selecting a wrench organizer. You need to examine:

  • The type of wrenches you have,
  • The number of wrenches you have,
  • Where you want to store them,
  • Do you need to transport them.

The benefits of having a good wrench and tool organizers are numerous – it will reduce the amount of time you lose during the identification process. You can quickly identify and put back tools in their place. It will also maintain a smooth flow of labor when you logically arrange your wrenches. You will be encouraged to upkeep your working space, to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some features you need to think about before the selection:


The most common material wrench organizers are made of is plastic. If you want to buy a commercial organizer made of plastic, make sure it is a high-quality one. They are usually cost-effective and will last for a long time.

On the other hand, some organizers are made of stainless steel alloy and will last for years. They are usually more expensive but are very resistant to oxidation and will never degrade.

Number of Compartments

Capacity is another important feature. If you have many wrenches, you should look for a wrench organizer that has enough sections to accommodate all of your wrenches. Conversely, if you own just a few wrenches, an organizer with a few sections will work for you.


Examine what types of wrenches you own. There are different wrench organizers with different designs and are suited for different kinds of wrenches. Also, if you transport your wrenches regularly, then a compact or foldable design is the best choice for you.

Metallic surfaces in your workshop or toolbox are a perfect place for magnetic wrench organizers. That way, you can easily store your organizer on a metallic surface while you work for quick access.


Last but not least important is the price. Although most of the wrench organizers are affordable, you still want one that matches your budget. Look for an option with a long-term warranty to use the product for a long time without any concern.

Leading Brands

  • Ernst Manufacturing – Ernst Bros started a company in the mid-1940s to provide equipment to the produce industry. The name was changed to Ernst Manufacturing in 1983 to represent the ownership of the company better. They strive to be as efficient as possible to offer competitive prices to their customers.
  • Olsa Tools – The story of this company started in 2015 with the founder Charles Marois with the first product – a magnetic hex bit organizer. Their mission is to empower professionals and DIYers to achieve more in everyday projects by providing high-quality tools.
  • Gearwrench – It was launched in 1996 with the first Profession Ratcheting Wrench. Since then, the company has continued to launch innovative products that are tough and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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