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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

There are perfect times for buying almost everything. The boots and jackets are the cheapest in the summer, while the swimsuit is the most affordable during winter. Whether you are looking for your first mowing partner or building up your garden machinery, you should consider the best time to buy a lawn mower. It will save you money and make you gain benefits at more than reasonable prices.

When the spring gets closer, the demand for mowers increases, and the price rises. The most available options are already quite expensive, but investing in a machine that meets your needs doesn’t have to break your bank. We have explored the best times to buy a mower and find out when you can find it on sale.

When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale?

When the grass stops to grow, and we put away the mowers, the prices go down. It seems like it is easy to find high-quality models at a low-cost out of season and select dates as Black Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, or Prime Day. If you wonder when to seek your best garden partner, consider the following tips:

  • At the end of the season, lawnmower goes on sale. The prices increase during the mowing season and reach the maximum.
  • Wait for the sale holidays. You can get a model you are seeking at a discount of up to 70%.
  • Wait for the end of the season of use. When it gets closer, the prices go down. Mowers receive a lot of space on the sales floor, and many stores don’t have enough storage space, so they have no choice but to sell them at lower prices.
  • Check out the new items that become old models. Lawnmowers on sale bear the same features as the models at the starting prices.
  • Find a small retailer and negotiate. Big retailers have more predictable and more often sales, while small retailers may offer better benefits.

What Is the Best Month to Buy a Lawn Mower?

The research has shown it is best to buy it in April, May, August, September and October. The stores rush to get rid of unseasonal items, making great deals and promotions. Affected by a surplus in stock, they lower prices and empties warehouses. A lawn mower is needed the most during June and July, when the demand is maximum, just like its cost.

There are pros and cons of buying in every season:

  • Buying in the spring implies paying top dollar for the mower you like, but it is easier to find something you need when new models have just arrived on the sales floor. The possibility to put it straight to work eliminates chances to deal with the manufacturer’s warranty because you can immediately notice if something goes wrong.
  • Buying in summer includes three significant sales holidays, which means you can get the model you’ve got your eye on at a fantastic discount. On the other hand, if you buy besides the sales holidays, you will have to pay the starting price.
  • The fall season changes things for the better – the home centers and retailers have to make room on the sales floor for the holiday and football season. That is the perfect moment you can buy a lawn mower with an incredible discount. The drawback to buying in the fall is that the model you need can be sold. If you get what you want, you can not use it until the spring of next year, making it impossible to deal with the manufacturer to get repaired or replaced if something goes wrong. Our advice: If you purchase in the fall, you should run it every day for a while until you decide to postpone it. You will be able to break in the engine enough to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • The winter purchase comes down to choosing from models that are not sold in the first three quarters. That means your selections will be limited to the highest-priced models difficult to move or to the cheapest ones with a feature lack.
what is the best month to buy a lawn mower

Overall, you can always find a deal on a broad range of mowers. Thanks to the savings programs, the prices often go down, making it possible to grab the model you like on fantastic terms during the mowing period.

Best Time to Buy a Riding Lawn Mower

Those with big yards require machines that suit the lawn quickly and effortlessly. The riding and self-propelled models are always a great option, but they are often high-priced. You can achieve a professional lawn look at an incredible price if you wait for discounts. We have searched and considered the best time to buy a riding mower:

  1. Mid-May: At the beginning of the mowing season, there are many affordable options you should consider. The prices rise according to the demand’s rise so that in June they reach the highest level.
  2. Mid-June: Some retailers offer significant price cuts in the middle of the mowing season. Seasonal promotions and buying programs maintain production, making a positive impact on quality and efficiency.
  3. Late-August: Many dealers prepare their sale floors to bring new arrivals for the upcoming season. They will offer tremendous discounts on the mowers to move them faster and free up space.
  4. Fall: In the fall, the mowing season comes to an end, so you can expect to find high discounts. Between September and December, most retailers try to get rid of stock in order to make space for the Christmas season and winter. Also, new models are coming out every season, making the last season’s models obsolete and cheap.

When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s offers the best price cuts on Prime Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday. These days, you can find a lawnmower you need at amazing discounts of up to 50%. Also, you can get Lowe’s top coupons and save your money besides the sales holidays. Check out the benefits you can get and pick the clearance lawn mowers for more than reasonable prices.

when do lawn mowers go on sale

When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale at Home Depot?

If you are looking for savings at Home Depot, wait for sale holidays and pick your favorite model at special discounts. You can always check the section Specials and Offers and consider currently available price cuts.

When Do Other Retailers Cut Prices?

You can find great deals at almost every retailer during the sale holidays. It is the best time to purchase and spare. Each dealer can offer a different sale program based on the company’s marketing policy.

BestBuy offers Black Friday’s deals all season long. Its daily promotions are focused on different departments, so keep track of lawn mower offers. You can receive advice from experts and select what you need to maintain your property with fantastic price cuts.

Walmart extended Black Friday deals for many days so that you can enjoy great prices for a while. Buy on 7th, 11th, 14th, 25th, and 27th November to take fantastic bargains.

Other Ways to Save on Buying a Lawnmower

  1. Select discounted models. Novel revamped machines come out every season, which doesn’t mean the old ones do not cut the grass. Older items are often sold at a discount – don’t miss the chance to pick the model meeting your needs.
  2. Go for a secondhand mower. Buying a used machine in excellent condition can save you a lot of money. The used lawnmowers still cut grass efficiently, making you achieve the professional lawn look for less cash.
  3. Shop around. Look for the stores that make sales and buy from a small retailer because they often tend to be cheaper. When you make a deal with a small retailer, it is easier to negotiate the purchase price down from the manufacturer’s suggested.
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Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

  1. Choose between push and self-propelled: A push lawn mower fits perfectly if you are looking for the cheaper solution that will cut your lawn and make you exercise. When it’s about self-propelled ones, they are not physically demanding. The engine delivers energy to the wheels and makes them move.
  2. Consider the yard size: Push mowers are better solutions for small-and-medium yards, while self-propelled ones bear benefits for homeowners with big yards.
  3. Choose the models with an electric start: Powering the engine with a push of a button facilitates things. It saves your time and energy by getting you right to the job.
  4. Look for a folding handle: Foldable handles are more comfortable to store.
  5. Choose a model with a vertical storage option: These models are space-efficient and come as great partners for small garages.
  6. Select uniform wheels: The research has shown it is easier to handle when the wheels are uniform.
  7. Choose the models with adjustable cutting height: Based on your desires and the type of grass, you can adjust the cutting size to reach the velvet lawn look.
  8. Deck’s size is essential: Choose the items with larger decks if you have a big property to complete the job quicker and more efficiently.
  9. Consider the grass discharge capabilities: The mower can have different discharge options, letting you choose between mulching, bag, and rear discharge.
  10. Lawnmower’s weight matters: Consider a lightweight solution. It is easier to handle and makes the pushing process straightforward.

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