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15 Best Men’s Watches Under $200 in 2020

Watches are a statement of intent, a fashion piece that can bring style and substance to every ensemble. That is if you could afford a decent wristwatch. As much as you would love to wear watches advertised by George Clooney or Michael Fells, the price-tags meant that they were the preserve of the ultra-rich people.

While that’s still true for luxury mechanical timepieces, you can still have a fashionable, respectable Quartz watch without breaking the bank.

Nice men’s watches under 200 perform many of the same functions as more expensive counterparts and have plenty of class to boast about. However, they may not attract the sane number of jealous glances from the label-obsessed people. That shouldn’t be a consideration when buying your first timepiece, however.

So, stop staring at that super-expensive Hublot, and jump into our guide on the best men’s best watches for less than $200.

Best Men’s Watches Under 200 Dollars

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best men’s watches under $200 that never sacrifice dependability, durability, or design for the price.

1. Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Watch – Best Watch Under 200

Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Watch

Leveraging Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology – powered by any light, Chandler Eco-Drive Watch ($180) never needs a battery. For a rugged appearance with a comfortable fit, this military-inspired wristwatch fits the bill with luminous hands, a day-date indicator, 100 meters water resistant rate, and 37mm screw-back case. The black dial gives a backdrop for simple Arabic numerals, placed in a stainless steel case along with a green woven strap with a buckle clasp and patterned stitching.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 34 mm;
  • Movement – Mechanical hand-wind.

2. Timex Marlin

Timex Marlin

Timex’s Marlin watch ($199) is one of the best mechanical watches under 200. It’s provided shoppers with a quality-performed rendition of one of the brand’s most stylish 1960s models. A hand-wound mechanical movement polished stainless steel case, and classy design pay homage to the era’s most prolific watch forms, while an acrylic crystal, Arabic markers, and chrome hardware serve to divide the watch’s finer elements. If you’re not sold on Marlin’s ageless style, the fact that Timex is in charge of this internationally recognized flagship might make you change your mind.

  • Case type – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 34 mm;
  • Movement – Mechanical hand-wind.

3. Orient Mako AA02

Orient Mako AA02

The Orient AA02 ($165) is a true classic and can be considered as one of the best automatic watches under 200$. The new AA02 rests on the diver legacy. It has transitioned away from the dependable 46943 automatic movement to the more robust automatic Caliber F6922 that’s hacking and hand-winding. This updated automatic movement eliminated the need for a second crown at the two o’clock position. The diving bezel has also been revamped to be 120 click for better precision. These changes have definitely enhanced the utility of the watch while preserving the vintage aesthetic that this classic watch had become known for.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 41.5 mm;
  • Movement – Caliber F6922.

4. Casio G-Shock GA800-1A

Casio G-Shock GA800-1A

The G-Shock is a timeless hand accessory, and since its introduction, back in 1983, Casio has sold more than 100 million examples of this uber-popular digital watch. It includes several unique features, even between G-Shocks, like being the only mid-size G-Shock with a third analog hand to tell the seconds – an attribute typically reserved for the higher range of G-Shocks. It also boasts a front-facing light button for quick and easy access. G-Shock GA800-1A ($99) has been created with some cool sports and training functions – including a one-press stopwatch button that activates the stopwatch instantly from timekeeping mode and a 120-record lap time memory which includes the time and date. It’s one of the best men’s sport watches under 200 dollars with a 200m water resistance.

  • Material – Resin;
  • Size – 54.1 mm;
  • Movement – Quartz.



Armogan’s E.N.B Chronograph ($160) is a race-inspired wristwatch that showcases a marvelous silhouette that was named after Belgium’s famous formula one team during the 1950s. A 316L stainless steel case supports the watch’s exterior, while a dual-dial chronograph and day/date window, and Miyota Japanese quartz movement keep you accurate and trendy. This classic example also boasts top-notch peripherals, including wheel rim etching on the case back, a perforated suede strap, and a sleek black background that demonstrates why the ARMOGAN E.N.B is one of the best men’s dress watches under 200 dollars.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 42 mm;
  • Movement – Miyota Japanese quartz.

6. Vincero Chrono S

Vincero Chrono S

Vincero is dedicated to making high-grade watches that double as bold and uncompromising statement pieces. Its premium Chrono S ($169) is undoubtedly no exception since it helps the brand stand out from the crowd with that business style. It arrives with a top-grain Italian leather strap in black crocodile, but it is interchangeable if you want to refresh your image from time to time. Moreover, it’s water-resistant so you can wear it every day despite the weather.

  • Case type – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 43 mm;
  • Movement – Citizen Miyota Quartz.

7. Jack Mason Pursuit

Jack Mason Pursuit

Pilot or aviator’s watches are a gentlemen’s style classic, and the elegant simplicity of their dials lends itself well to nearly any outfit. Their slight military bearing also draws quiet attention to the wearer. The Pursuit ($179) from Texas-based watchmaker Jack Mason showcases a cute blue dial, an etched crown, luminescent markers, contrast stitching on an Italian leather strap, and a case back engraved with an airplane propeller all in a bumpy 42mm size.

  • Case type – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 42 mm;
  • Movement – Japanese quartz.



Seiko’s SNE039 ($195) is a refined solar watch that’s affordable to boot. It highlights a 10-month power reserve, an elegant date/day window, LumiBrite hands, and a delicate 37.5mm case diameter, enabling it to wear modestly on your wrist. A high-quality stainless steel case and bracelet keep the accessory in optimal operational parameters, no matter the conditions. And, due to its light-powered silhouette, you’ll never need to worry about changing depleted batteries while you’re on-the-go.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 37.5 mm;
  • Movement – Caliber V158.



Tsovet’s minimalist models have taken the watch planet over by night, and the SVT-SL37 ($200) is a testament to the brand’s simplistic design expressions. This timeless model features cutting-edge internals, due to its Swiss quartz ancestry. An accurate Ronda 505 movement is placed within the SVT’s stainless steel, gunmetal case, where it’s guarded by a gunmetal bezel, hardened mineral crystal, and typical push/pull crown. Aside from its matte black dial and inserted rose gold markers, the implementation of polished accents, rose gold hands, and an elegantly applied tan strap give the SVT a decisively vintage look.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 37 mm;
  • Movement – Ronda 505.

10. Michael Kors Oversized Slim Runway Black-Tone Watch

Michael Kors Oversized Slim Runway Black-Tone Watch

Elegant, fashionable, and tastefully functional — which are all the things you might expect from a wristwatch with the name Michael Kors on it. This 44mm black IP three-hand accessory ($160.43) features a Japanese quartz movement and is water resistant to 50 meters, so you can carry it while washing hands or taking a short recreational swim without worrying about harming the watch.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 44 mm;
  • Movement – Japanese quartz.

11. BRAUN BN0021


Braun’s BN0021 ($160) comes from a leading-industry shave equipment brand, but it does engrave its trial via minimalist design principles, classic styling, and a real commitment to Bauhaus’ ageless influence. The BN0021 features a simple dial face, matte stainless steel case, and leather strap awarding wearers with an aesthetically-pleasing silhouette overall. To complement its refined functions, an accurate quartz movement is installed within, making a reliable, and easily recognizable accessory that’s as affordable as they come.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 38 mm;
  • Movement – Quartz.

12. Timex Weekender Chronograph Men’s Watch

Timex Weekender Chronograph Men’s Watch

A classic Timex Weekender Chronograph ($95.00) doesn’t need an introduction. It’s a long-lasting, casual beat-around watch that’s ideal for daily wear. Pressing the crown triggers the Indiglo feature, which lights up the accessory’s dial in a subtle blue backlight that’s not too sharp in low light. Nothing flashy, but just exactly what you need for knocking around town, hanging out with buddies, or getting ready for the weekend adventures. Plus, you can change the strap for other bands depending on your style or mood.

  • Material – Low lead brass;
  • Size – 40 mm;
  • Movement – Quartz analog.

13. Momentum Steelix Men’s Watch

Momentum Steelix Men’s Watch

Few of us will probably need a wristwatch that can withstand a scuba trip 600 feet, but if you want to be ready for a plunge, choose the Momentum Steelix ($134) watch. This accessory is machined from a durable block of stainless steel. Momentum watches are famously hard to damage, attributing them as being the ultimate diver’s watch. A simple, yet far from an understated design make sure this watch will navigate just fine both in the ocean and in the office.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 44 mm;
  • Movement – Japanese, Seiko VX32G.



Tissot is an identifiable name for many watch enthusiasts, and while they’ve imprinted themselves onto the wristwear land thanks to their high-end offerings, the affordable Everytime T109 ($137.98) isn’t anything short of commendable. It boasts an accurate analog quartz movement, a synthetic sapphire crystal, and a handsome 42mm case, giving it plenty of presence on or off or your wrist. The watch’s stainless-steel case, classic dial, and elegant features make it one of the most beautiful on this roundup — but, due to a 100 feet water resistance, it demonstrates that aesthetic prowess isn’t always unpractical.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 38 mm;
  • Movement – Quartz.

15. VOID PKG01


PKG01 from VOID brings up the tail-end of our 200 dollar watches list and highlights one of the most simplistic design principles on the market. Drawing from over five decades years of watch design, the brand chose to craft an ultra-slim version that was also proportionally-balanced, due to its acutely tapered crown. Minimalist red accents transcend a contrast versus the watch’s white dial, while, Japanese Miyota quartz movement, mineral crystal enclosure, and an analog display keep the PKG01 ($199) ticking smoothly.

  • Material – Stainless steel;
  • Size – 38 mm;
  • Movement – Japanese Miyota quartz.

Best Men’s Watches Under 200 Dollars – Buying Guide

There are certain features you should be looking for when you’re buying the nicest men’s watches under 200 bucks, including.

  • Watch glass – Even an affordable watch features a good quality glass. Sapphire glass is a good solution as it protects the watch face from scrapes and scratches, even after years of wearing. Mineral glass or crystal glass will safeguard your wristwatch as well but aren’t as long-lasting or durable as a sapphire;
  • Movement – Quartz movement is the better solution for a $200 watch. Quartz contains less moving parts than mechanical movement, which makes it less expensive for the manufacturer to make. Also, quartz movement displays time more accurately than mechanical movement, so if the dependability is at the top of your list, opt for quartz;
  • Water resistant – Water can ruin your watch in an instant. Even when you’re spending less than $200 on a timepiece, you don’t need it to repaired or replaced after one water mishap. The great news is that most 200 dollar watches are water resistant;
  • Straps – Leather, canvas, or metal links are the straps’ options no matter how much you spend on a watch. Even affordable models come with genuine, good quality leather. One of the ways that you can maximize the look of your watch is to purchase one that lets you change the strap. Buying one watch with multiple looks is an excellent way to economize, and one purchase goes a long way;
200 dollar watches
  • Finish – Choose top men’s watches under 200 dollars that have a nice finish to them. It’s all about details – an affordable watch that has an attractive finish will look like it cost you hundreds if not thousands of bucks. Stainless steel metal is a superb solution, too, giving a stylish finish to the watch without making it flashy.

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