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5 Best Meat Grinders to Prepare Healthier and More Delicious Foods in 2022

Have you ever thought about making your own burgers and sausages? Apart from being a way cheaper option, making your own minced meat is much healthier than buying it in supermarkets or fast-food restaurants. All you need to make nutrient-rich and incredibly delicious foods is the best meat grinder and a bit of love.

Meat grinders can help you save money and motivate you to stick to healthier eating habits. Additionally, you’ll be ready to reduce the consumption of processed foods and start preparing richer and tastier food you and your family will love.

A meat grinder allows you to choose the exact meat thickness and come up with an array of new recipes. Are you hungry? Let’s go through the 5 best meat grinders worth buying in 2022 and learn how to choose the adequate machine that meets your needs.

5 Meat Grinder Reviews & Comparison

We have tested over 10 different meat grinders and chosen the 5 machines worth considering when switching to healthier eating habits and a money-saving regime.

1. Best Manual Meat Grinder: Huanyu Manual Meat Grinder

Huanyu Manual Meat Grinder

Dimensions: 92.16 x 56.64 x 127.68 inches | Weight: 7.1 pounds | Type: Manual

If you think manual meat grinders are obsolete in the era of potent electric appliances, Huanyu Manual Meat Grinder will change your opinion. It is a powerful machine with a sleek design that will nicely fit your kitchen counter. Additionally, its stainless steel construction ensures durability and rust resistance that lasts.

What we liked about this manual meat grinder is a smooth and quiet operation. Its heavy-duty mechanism prevents the machine from moving during use, ensuring a quick and efficient food-making experience. It is excellent for grinding different kinds of meat, including pork, beef, chicken, and fish, but you can also count on it for mincing vegetables, mushrooms, and peppers. Whatever you use it for, you will be impressed by the food’s fresh taste and rich nutrition.

What we didn’t like very much is the sausage attachment, which is not as efficient as we thought. Nevertheless, it is an excellent product that serves its primary purpose, is easy to disassemble and clean, and ensures durability.

PROS// Fast and efficient; All stainless-steel; Smooth and quiet operation; Multifunctional.

CONS// Not the best choice for sausage making.

2. Best Electric Meat Grinder: STX Turboforce 3000

STX Turboforce 3000

Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 11 inches | Weight: 12 pounds | Type: Electric

If you prefer electric meat grinders over manual appliances, go for STX Turboforce 3000 and enjoy smooth and flawless food-making processes. This is a heavy-duty machine that won’t disappoint you. Namely, it allows you to grind between 180 and 240 lbs. of meat per hour, which is quite satisfactory.

We liked the STX Turboforce 3000 for its ability to grind larger portions of meat in a single grinding session, which is suitable for quick and delicious meals for unannounced guests. Besides, this meat grinder comes with a series of attachments and features for making perfect burgers, sausages, and similar foods.

Still, you must be careful with the meat you’re about to mince. This machine won’t grind bones, tendons, fruits, vegetables, or low-grade steak. If you decide to try it anyway, the grinder may get clogged or prone to breakdown.

Overall, it is an excellent solution for those seeking a heavy-duty meat grinder for home purposes, as it can mince large amounts of meat at once and help you make fresher and tastier foods in a blink of an eye.

PROS// Decent price; Easy to clean; Aesthetically pleasing and functional; Lots of attachments.

CONS// Requires thorough cleaning and drying as it is not all stainless-steel and is prone to rust if left to air dry.

3. Best Meat Grinder for the Money: AAOBOSI Electric Meat Grinder

AAOBOSI Electric Meat Grinder

Dimensions: 18.9 x 8.86 x 11.02 inches | Weight: 13.47 pounds | Type: Electric

We must admit that AAOBOSI Electric Meat Grinder is the best value meat grinder on our list. It possesses an incredible blend of power and performance that allows you to grind up to 120 lbs. of meat per hour. Despite its robust design and potent capabilities, this unit is still convenient for beginners.

This electric meat grinder has three spiral circles that won’t ruin the meat fiber but mince it smoothly and nicely. Thanks to its four non-slip suction feet, you can stuff the sausage easily. Another feature we liked is the “reverse” button, which is pretty useful if the unit starts jamming.

Since it is quite a powerful unit, you can expect it to be noisy when working. Also, many customers complain about missing parts in the package. Luckily, you can count on responsive customer support to solve the problem quickly.

PROS// Powerful motor; Fast and smooth grinding; Multifunctional; Safe to use.

CONS// Frequent jamming may annoy you.

4. Best Commercial Meat Grinder: Happybuy Electric Meat Grinder

Happybuy Electric Meat Grinder

Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 18 inches | Weight: 48.75 pounds | Type: Electric

The Happybuy Electric is a top-notch commercial meat grinder suitable for kitchen, restaurant, and hotel use. Restaurant and fast food owners tend to choose it for its versatility and mechanism to grind fish, vegetables, chilly, and various kinds of meat.

We liked the grinder’s ability to mince up to 250 lbs. of meat per hour, as well as the 1100W motor that significantly enhances the grinding efficiency. Furthermore, all the parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and wearing.

This is an incredibly time-saving unit that allows you to grind both meat and bones quickly and efficiently. However, some users find it extremely difficult to disassemble and clean.

PROS// Heavy-duty; Exceptional performance; Safe to use; Multifunctional.

CONS// Hard to clean.

5. Best Meat Grinder Under 100 Dollars: Homdox Electric Meat Grinder

Homdox Electric Meat Grinder

Dimensions: 16.4 x 10.4 x 8.2 inches | Weight: 8.53 pounds | Type: Electric

If you are looking for an entry-level, cheap meat grinder, look no further than Homdox Electric Meat Grinder. Apart from being the most cost-effective solution on our list, it has decent features suitable for every day and home use. Besides, some customers claim that it is very powerful.

This machine is an excellent choice for making hamburgers, sausages, meatballs, and various sauces to enrich your foods. You can even use it for commercial purposes when you need fast and efficient meat processing. We liked the three cutting plates for coarse, medium, and fine grinding.

However, be prepared for frequent grinder clogging. Although it can be pretty annoying, you can solve it by pressing the “R” button.

PROS// Fast; Easy to disassemble and clean; Different attachments included; Powerful motor.

CONS// Processing large amounts of meat can be pretty time-consuming.

How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder?

Not all meat grinders are created equal as they are packed with different features suitable for various purposes. Therefore, it is vital to know what you are looking for in order to make a better decision and get a machine to meet your needs.

Here is the list of features to consider when buying a meat grinder:

Motor Power

If you are looking for an electric meat grinder, it is essential to find one with the right motor power. Models with higher wattage levels provide a better grinding capability necessary for industrial purposes and frequent use.

You can choose a 350-watt motor for everyday purposes and common use, as it can grind 200 lbs. of meat per hour. On the other hand, high-end grinders with 750-watt motors can grind up to 750 lbs. of meat per hour, which is suitable for more frequent use.

Features and Attachments

Some grinders come with various features and attachments to enhance the machine’s overall grinding capabilities. For example, you may want to choose a grinder with multiple plates, reverse function, or the one with a special attachment for sausage making.

You can opt for an all-encompassing machine to enjoy all the options that take your food-making experience to the next level.

Some of the most common attachments you may get in a grinder are:

  • Grinding plates
  • Juicer attachments
  • Sausage attachments
  • Meat tray
  • Meat plunger.

Meat Grinder’s Construction

While some meat grinders are made of hard plastics, others may feature other materials, such as metals. Still, it is essential to choose grinders with stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and rust-resistant material that ensures durability and prolonged sharpness.

Cheaper meat grinders often have fewer stainless steel materials than higher-end ones. However, it is recommended to choose higher-quality steel whenever it’s possible because it leads to greater savings over time. On the other hand, cheaper grinders may break pretty quickly.

Meat Grinder Weight

The weight is a vital aspect if you don’t have a dedicated spot to place the machine, and you need to lift it any time you use it. In that case, it’s better to opt for a lightweight solution. An average meat grinder weight goes up to 50 pounds.

Meat Grinder Size

The right grinder size depends mostly on how much meat you plan on grinding and how frequently you’ll use it. The grinder size is followed by a hashtag (#), and it is measured based on the grinder plates. If you need a machine for household use, go for the sizes 32, 32, 12, 8, or 5.

The bigger the grinder plates, the more meat will be ground at once. This is suitable for those who often host guests or use the grinder frequently.

Ease of Cleaning

Every meat grinder requires regular maintenance to keep its peak performance. However, some grinders are easier to clean than others. If you don’t have enough time or patience to clean the machine after each use thoroughly, go for a simpler grinder that doesn’t take long to take apart and wash.

Grinder Capacity

The grinder capacity refers to the amount of meat that can be taken at once. For instance, 1 HP meat grinders are suitable for grinding more meat in a single session, while machines under 1 HP may be a go-to choice for grinding smaller portions.


The more power the grinder has, the louder it is. However, you can find quite potent units that operate more quietly.

Cooling Capabilities

The meat grinder can get overheated when processing large amounts of meat at once. Therefore, it is quintessential to find a machine that has potent cooling capabilities that prevent potential system breakdown caused by overheating.

Meat Grinders Price Range

The average price of meat grinders depends on its features, whether it is manual or electric, and whether it is designed for home or commercial use. That said, the cost may range from $20 to $299 for a home meat grinder, while commercial units may cost up to $1,200.

How to Use Meat Grinders Step-by-Step?

You found the best meat grinder for your specific needs and purposes? Great. Now it’s time to see how to use it through the four easy steps.

1.      Before You Start

Before you start processing your meat, ensure the grinder and all its attachments (including the meat itself) are cold. Warm meat can smear inside your grinder, meaning that its components may start to separate, changing the meat’s texture and leaving it dry.

To avoid that, we recommend placing all the meat-grinding stuff into the freezer before starting to grind.

2.      Choose Your Meat

Cheap and fatty meat cuts are considered the best for grinding. Still, you can use different combinations of fat and lean meat for the best results.

3.      Trim the Meat

You can trim the meat depending on your grinder and its overall power. For instance, if your electric meat grinder is not as powerful, it is recommended to cut it into one-inch pieces. On the other hand, more powerful, commercial-grade grinders won’t require you to trim it at all.

4.      You Can Start Grinding

Consult the user’s manual and follow the exact instructions to get the best grinding results!

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