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15 Best Fireplace Tools and Accessories to Enjoy the Beautiful Roaring Winter Fire

When crisp weather comes, it is an excellent excuse to cozy up next to the fireplace with a blanket over you and a good book in one hand, and a glass of wine in another—the perfect winter picture.

But on the other hand, we must mention the fact that fireplaces must be safe, clean, and well organized. It is estimated that fireplaces cause 15,000 house fires per year in the USA. You do not want to enter the statistics; you just want to stay snuggly under the blanket.

The ashes and residual firewood around the fireplace are a considerable hazard; represent a perfect fuel for the fire to spread around the house. So, it is necessary to have appropriate fireplace tools to improve the safety of your home but add style as well to your living room.

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Look at our list of the essential fireplace equipment to keep you and your family safe and your home hygge during the colder months.

Tool #1 – Heat Resistant Fireplace Gloves

A good pair of heat-resistant gloves is one of the basic fireplace items to buy. OZERO Heat Resistant Leather Fireplace Gloves ($18.91) is made of genuine cowhide leather with a 100% insulated lining with heat-resistant aluminum foil and sweat absorbent cotton lining.

Cowhide leather is carefully selected, 1.2mm thick, and soft leather is oil-resistant and puncture-resistant. Reinforced wing thumb and gunn cut design provide maximum flexibility and comfort while gripping tools and operating efficiently.

A glove is 14″ long with an extra 5.5″ sleeve that protects your forearm from open flames. In addition, it offers an extreme 932oF heat-resistant protection.


Durable and well-made


Strange odor

Tool #2 – Sweeping Hand Broom

HNCmua Natural Whisk Sweeping Hand Handle Broom ($14.99) is a high-quality whisk broom made from natural grass, designed for sweeping dust from small and narrow corners of the fireplace that normal-sized booms cannot reach.

The bamboo handle is designed light so you can carry it around. A small strap is attached to the end, making it the only wall-mounted fireplace tool on the list for neat storing after use.

A sewed layer of fabric will hold the broom shape for a long time. With a boho and country rustic vibe, it can serve as a great décor item.


Perfect size




Foul smell

Tool #3 – Ash Bucket

Gardener’s Supply Company Steel Copper Finish Fireplace Ash Bucket with Floor Protection Stand ($64.95) is a copper fireplace tool with a lid for the safe storage of hot ashes and ember. It sets in a stand to protect floors from heat and elevate the bucket.

It is 13″ high with a 12.75″ top diameter and 8.5″ diameter at the base, with an 8-quart capacity. This beautiful ash bucket is definitely a unique fireplace tool for your home.



Right size

No assembly needed


The lid is not airtight

Tool #4 – Fireplace Shovel

Shovels are usually cheap fireplace tools but offer the best way of ash removal from your fireplace. Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Shovel ($9.95) is made of heavy gauge steel, which is heavy-duty enough for durability but light enough for easy use. It weighs only 7.4 Ounces, with the shovel head dimensions; 4.5″ in width, 7″ in length.


Right size of the handle

Convenient hook feature

No distortion


Nothing we could think of

Tool #5 – Fireplace Bellows

Kalkehay Fireplace Bellows ($15.99) is made of plyboard and artificial leather, safe and durable to ensure it will last for years. Bellows draw in air through a hole in the bottom and force it out through a nozzle. This eliminates the need to blow the air directly to the fire to start it, thus reducing the risk of burns.

These black fireplace tools are easy to use and store, making them a nice decorative piece of art. Made of heat-resistant material not to burn your hands together with high-quality rivets that are firmly nailed into the bellows to prevent the fall off. The nozzle material is zinc alloy, giving it a modern look.



Great quality

Convenient loop for hanging


Nothing we could think of

Tool #6 – Log Carrier

When tired of bruised arms and falling logs, you will need a log carrier. MISC Black Log Carrier ($189.99) is a heavy-duty vinyl carrier with the reinforced nylon straps that go entirely under the carrier to ensure lasting strength and durability for years.

Its dimensions are 6″ x 2.5″ x 10″, and it is designed with you in mind. Easy to use, convenient to store, and strong enough to carry enormous loads make it a handy fireplace accessory.


Very durable material



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Tool #7 – Fireback

Firebacks are usually cast-iron fireplace tools, such as Minuteman International Sun Cast Iron Fireback ($204.07), featuring a matte black finish. It is designed to increase the heat from your fireplace. Additional usage is to protect the fireplace’s back wall, and a plus is that the panel looks beautiful.

Some users say that it radiates heat 8-10 feet into the room, which is approximately 2 times as far as the setup without the fireback.

It measures 24” wide and 18” high and weighs 53 lbs. It may be installed leaning directly against the rear firebrick wall and directly on the floor, or you can have fireback feet, which are purchased separately.


Excellent design

Easy installation


Nose needs to be more protected during delivery

Tool #8 – Fireback Supports

Minuteman International X670130 Fireback Supports ($64.10) is an Amazon bestseller in the fireplace back plates category. It measures 8.75″L x 2.5″W and is made of cast iron with a matte black finish.

This wood burning fireplace accessory will securely fit the fireback that is no more than 1” thick within the gap and rest on the bottom.


Very sturdy



Gap is too large for some firebacks

Tool #9 – Fireplace Screen

When talking about fireplace screens and tools, Design Specialties Glass Free-Standing Screen ($559.00) is one of the best high end fireplace tools—made of full ¼” clear tempered safety glass for protection from flying embers but with an unobstructed view.

This screen looks great in every living room and represents a perfect solution to protect children and pets from accidents. With the attached feet and handles, it is really easy to move it.


Easy to install

Modern design



The feet on the bottom seem too small

Tool #10 – Fire Poker

KUAICHAI Fire Pit Outdoor & Indoor Fire Poker ($17.99) is a solid and durable metal poker made of steel with an anti-rust layer, which makes this poker a perfect part of the outdoor fireplace tools set.

It features an amazing and simple design for dealing with fire pits, made of one solid metal piece that is able to move fire logs to eliminate the risk of bending.

This fire poker is made of one piece of metal without joints that can eventually separate and fail. However, the handle is long enough, so you will be able to deal with hot logs safely.


High-quality metal



Nothing we could think of

Tool #11 – Log Rack

INNO STAGE Wrought Iron Log Rack ($55.95) is one of the best wrought iron fireplace tools on the list. It is freestanding, with a unique deer shape design representing a special artwork in your house. It is also roomy enough – dimensions are 16.5” X 12.8” X 16.7” to hold enough firewood.

The log rack has a very practical design which allows wind flow to keep logs dry due to the 2″ raised base above the ground. Adjustable feet are perfect for uneven floors and will prevent any floor scratches.


Curved slab design to catch wood chips


Not for outside use

Tool #12 – Fire Retardant Fireplace Area Rug

PLOW & HEARTH Fire Retardant Fiberglass Half Round Hearth Fireplace Area Rug ($108.80) is one of the most modern fireplace accessories on the list. Made of woven fiberglass, it is a perfect hearth and home protector. It prevents floors from scorching, burns, sparks, popping embers, and other fire hazards.

The rug is durable, made from quality materials easy to clean – simply vacuum, shake out or sweep. It will look good year after year. This rug meets CPSC FF1-70, the standard for surface flammability of rugs and carpets.

The back is made of vinyl, which provides a non-skid surface and keeps the rug securely in place. Although the face of the carpet is fire resistant to over 1500oF, it allows heat to transfer through if exposed to high heat for an extended time, like allowing burning coals to lay on the rug. So the underlying floor damage can occur.

Discoloration may occur at extremely high temperatures.


Excellent hearth and floor protection

Comes in various colors


Beware of the fiberglass splinters

Difficult to clean stains

Tool #13 – Fireplace Andirons

What are andirons? It is log support, keeping them off the floor and making the fire burn better and without smoke generation. Minuteman International Ball End Wrought Iron Fireplace Andirons ($211.40) keep the flames alive as they enhance your hearth’s look.

These wrought iron andirons feature an additional center leg to prevent sagging due to the logs’ weight. These hand-forged vintage fireplace tools are available in different heights to suit any fireplace. A simple yet effective design with twisted square stock and ball end top will provide a timeless décor, so your fireplace can be a focal point of a room in all seasons.


Very durable

No assembly required

Long area for holding wood


Front is too tall

Tool #14 – Fireplace Tools Set

NYKK Fireplace Tool 4 Piece Durable Fireplace Tools Set ($386.55) is a fireplace tool set containing base, fire poker, shovel, and brush. This set can serve as a wood stove tool, also in indoor/outdoor fireplaces, or in the stone stove.

This set is 66cm high and weighs 3.8 kg, with balanced handles on the top, which allows a good grip and comfortable feel with no fatigue. It is made of durable iron, treated with black painted surface technology.

It is a must-have antique fireplace tools kit for those who want to create and maintain the ideal fire after a long day at work.




Great design


3-prong fire tongs could be included in the set

Tool #15 – Safety Matches

Another fireplace items essential for fire starting are safety matches. THE FRYOILSAVER COMPANY Extra Heavy Duty Long Safety Matches ($14.99) are 11″ long, slow burner to stop the flame burning near your fingers and makes you reach kindling in the middle of the woodpile with ease.

These matches will not self-ignite or ignite when rubbing against other matches in the box. They are also eco-friendly; when you use all the matches from the box, you simply throw the box into the fire. This pack includes 3 boxes containing a total of 150 matches.


Great, sturdy matches

Various uses


Strange smell when you open the packag

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