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10 Fireplace Tools Sets for the Safe and Chick Roaring Fire Scene [+Buying Guide]

When looking for the proper fireplace set, the chances are that your fireplace is a focal point of a living room. Therefore, it needs frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent house fires. The Heart of the House requires a fireplace tool set that will keep the coal, soot, ash, and residual firewood from ruining your living room.

The fireplace tool kit usually consists of a shovel, poker stick, prongs, and brush. You should choose a set that has handles long enough so you can manage a fire from a distance.

One crucial question arises: Where to buy fireplace tools? Of course, the best place to do that is Amazon  because it offers the best prices, has the largest selection of sets, and offers free shipping across the US.

In this buying guide, we will present the most important features of every fireplace poker set to help you find the best one for you.

What are the Tools Given in the Set?

Each fireplace tool has its function. Usually, every fireside tool set consists of 4 or 5 tools. These include:

Fire Poker

Used to manipulate and rearrange the logs, this essential part of the fireplace tools set is basically a shank with a single 90o turn at the end. This feature allows you to push or hook the logs or even push the flames a bit away.


Most shovels usually consist of a broad blade fixed to the handle. It is used for scooping the ash or consolidating hot embers beneath the fire. It is designed with upturned sides to keep the ash or ember in place while manipulating them for disposal.

Ash Broom

It is another standard tool that every set must have, usually with bristles made from straw or synthetic fibers to sweep the ash. However, it is not designed to clean the hot ashes but to remove it when it is completely cooled. Most people use the ash broom with a shovel to remove ash entirely into the ash bucket.

Log Tongs

They are designed for loading new logs into the fireplace or for larger tasks that poker cannot do. Usually has one or more hinge points that provide leverage for pinching or grasping hot logs. Low-cost or smaller sets typically do not have log tongs simply because they require more physical space and are more complex tools to use.


The stand must be sturdy and durable to support the weight of the tools in the set and keep them in place. It often has hooks for convenient storage of the tools.

Ash Bucket

Designed to hold hot or cold ash and embers, often featuring a lid to prevent ash from scattering all around. It can have a double bottom for insulation and keeping the hot embers from warming the exterior of the bucket. Fireplace tool kits usually do not contain an ash bucket, so it must be purchased separately. However, it is handy to have around your fireplace.

Best Fireplace Tool Sets for 2022

There are many different fireplace tool sets on the market, so choosing the best for you can be such a daunting task. Some people will focus mainly on functionality. But, at the same time, others will make their purchase based on the design and aesthetic appeal.

We will present you the fireplace sets that ensure safety, longevity, and ease-of-use; made only from the finest materials.

1.      Best Overall Set

Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Fireplace Tool Set

This Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Fireplace Tool Set is a versatile, standard-sized tool set that takes up little space. It is made of durable, heavy-duty wrought iron in the style of the traditional blacksmiths with classic shepherd’s crook with grooved beavertail ends.

It consists of 4 pieces: poker, shovel, broom, and 3-prong tongs, used mostly for typical size hearths. The 5th piece is a stand.

PROS// Very sturdy and durable, Easy to assembly, Cleans up well

CONS// None too specific to mention

2.      Best Black Fireplace Tool Set

Amagabeli 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set

Amagabeli 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set measures 31’ in height; it is made of black wrought iron that is very durable but easy to handle. Its powder-coated surface provides a stylish look and adds a modern touch to your household.

The set consists of a sturdy base, tongs, broom, shovel, and a poker. The broom features large bristles for more accessible and more neat ash sweeping.

PROS// Ergonomic handles, Affordable

CONS// The nut for the base is too big for the hole

3.      Best Brass Fireplace Set

Pilgrim Home and Hearth Burnished Brass Fireplace Set

Pilgrim Home and Hearth Burnished Brass Fireplace Set includes a shovel, poker, tongs, brush, and stand. It has a distinctive design with well-balanced tools that nest perfectly atop a sleek and sturdy stand.

Many customers say that it is a great product that will last forever without issues.

PROS// Attractive style, Heavy-duty

CONS// Pricey

4.      Best Fireplace Brush and Shovel Set

Redecker Dust Pan and Brush Set

Redecker Dust Pan and Brush Set has a brush that features stiff and sturdy horsehair bristles perfect for brushing away even the tiniest particles of ash. The handles are made of natural beechwood, while the shovel is made of stainless steel, making this set eye appealing. There are convenient leather straps for more accessible storage.

This elegant brush and shovel set is easy to clean – simply rinse gently in mild soap and warm water solution and air dry with bristles facing down.

PROS// Durable, Ergonomic handles

CONS// Hair may fall out, Shovel rubber is too thick

5.      Best Cheap Fireplace Tool Set

EveryMomentCounts 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set

EveryMomentCounts 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set is the most affordable set on the list. It has 1 brush, 1 shovel, 1 fireplace poker, 1 tong, and 1 stand. It features a stylish and functional design together with fine craftmanship that brings timeless grace.

Each tool has a handle with a brass orb at the top; it is decorative, feels good in hands, and feels no fatigue. There are many customers satisfied by the purchase.

PROS// Reasonably consistent finish, Easy to assemble, Ergonomic handles

CONS// Loose handles


6.      Best Decorative Fireplace Tool Set

Design Specialties Fireplace Tool Set

Design Specialties Fireplace Tool Set features a beautiful design with no screws on ends that can come loose. The set includes poker, brush, tongs, shovel, and laser-cut stand. The stand is 28.5″ tall, while the tools are 25″ tall.

The product is made of 7 gauge steel that is not hollow, so many customers note that the stand is cumbersome, and there is no chance of it falling over so easily.

PROS// Very sturdy, Compact, modern design

CONS// None too specific to mention

7.      Best Luxury Set

Arteriors Henry Fireplace Tool Set

Arteriors Henry Fireplace Tool Set is designed to add depth and further functionality to your modern fireplace. The set is made of hand-forged iron with a black waxed finish and with polished handles that fit cleanly onto the stand.

The elegant and clean lines of this fire poker set will fit perfectly into your modern household. It consists of a shovel, fire poker, tongs, and fire poker with a double end.

PROS// Elegant design,  Very durable

CONS// Lack of brush

8.      Best Fireplace Tools Set with Log Rack

Art to Real Firewood Rack and Fire Tools Set

When you need a firewood rack together with the fire tools set, the Art to Real Firewood Rack and Fire Tools Set is the right item for you. Made of sturdy wrought iron, it provides a lot of room to accommodate your firewood. The base raised above the ground allows wind to flow beneath the rack and keeping the firewood always dry.

This fireside tool set comes with the brush, shovel, poker, tongs, and a rack with a shelf for the fire starters. The metal stand forms a sturdy frame with a rust-resistance layer, offering a well-organized look in front of your hearth.

PROS// Solid and sturdy

CONS// Not as large as it looks

Tangkula Fireplace Set

Looking for a set that does not take up too much space? Consider Tangkula Fireplace Set with its smaller dimensions for space-saving storage and practical function. It consists of fireplace poker, tongs, brush, shovel, and a sturdy base with a gravity design that is steady.

The robust iron is used for item production that provides reliable durability. In addition, each tool in the set features a sturdy, perforated handle for more effortless hanging, but at the same time, feels good in the hand.

PROS// Easy to assemble, Affordable

CONS// None too specific to mention

10.      Best Modern Style Set

Hansa Premium Fireplace Tools

Hansa Premium Fireplace Tools Set is made of stainless steel for the ultimate modern look that will fit in every contemporary home. It will show your good sense of taste.

Forms and functions go together in this set with ergonomic, stainless steel handles. These sleek tools are made with creative scrupulousness, and their gentle shape catches the eye and leaves no doubt in trustworthiness.

Set includes poker, brush, shovel, and a 3 hook hanger for convenient storage.

PROS// Timeless design

CONS// Lack of tongs

Best Fireplace Tools Set Materials

There are so many different materials used for making fireplace sets. They offer various features – some material choices will have a significant impact on the tool’s longevity. In contrast, others are chosen just for aesthetic purposes. Below are the most common materials used in fireplace tools set construction.

Stainless steel features corrosion resistance, low maintenance, and familiar luster makes stainless steel a perfect material for outdoor as well as indoor application. The best-known grade is type 304 and is the most widely used chromium and nickel alloy.

Cast iron comes from a group of iron-carbon alloys. It tends to be brittle, with a relatively low melting point, good fluidity, castability, resistance to deformation, and wear resistance. As a result, cast iron fireplace tools are perfect for use in extremely high-temperature types of fireplaces. However, the individual shapes of the tools are limited.

Plated brass is used for decorative finishes. It offers a classic, eloquent look and excellent durability. It is easy to polish and mildly resistant to corrosion, also provides a nice weight in hand.

Steel is another iron alloy with high tensile strength and low cost used in fireplace tools making. It is a pliable material with a broader range of styles and designs and very durable with many finishing options. Although, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

Most Famous Brands

It is evident that some manufacturers put an extra effort into making sure their tools are well made and will stand the test of time. Fortunately, there are many high-quality manufacturers on the market that give you a lot of options.

Pilgrim is a leading brand of fireplace tools production, with over 65 years of experience. Their tools are made of the finest materials, giving you a lifetime of good service. Pilgrim fireplace tools come in different finishes: vintage iron, nickel, brass, matte black, and more.

Minuteman International produces a wide variety of fireplace items and wood stoves. The company started back in 1977 at the peak of the oil embargo when wood stoves were becoming an alternate source of heating.

Design Specialties is the leader in laser-cut technology and manufacturer of custom-made fireplace tools from Milwaukee. Each product is finished by hand for unique creations to ensure the highest quality of the products.

Uniflame fireplace accessories are available in various finishes: stainless steel, Venetian bronze, antique rust finish, aged bronze, pewter finish, black wrought iron finish, and many more. They provide affordable yet durable fireplace sets for customers that do not want to spend a bundle.

Amagabeli is a company striving to provide a variety of high-quality products. In order to continue providing customers with excellent products, the Amagabeli designers are making a great effort to develop products that the market needs.

Fireplace Tools Cleaning Tips

Although fireplace tool kits are very durable and there is no need for complex maintenance instructions, there are a few things you can do to ensure the long life of your tools.

  • At the end of the season, wipe down each tool with a damp cloth.
  • After that, you need to wipe the set with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil.
  • Remove light corrosion with fine-grit sandpaper and steel wool.
  • Dump the ash bucket as soon as the ash is completely cool, do not leave it unattended for a long time.
  • To ensure safe operation every time, repair or replace any broken or damaged tool.