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Best Electric Lawn Mower  – Top 7 Picks for Small & Big Yards

Are you looking for a quitter, more eco-friendly way to cut your lawn or you’re tired of dealing with the maintenance of fuel/oil required for a gas-powered machine? Whatever your particular situation is, there are lawn mowers that offer less noise, less maintenance, and lower ownership costs. To choose the best option for your garden, read our electric lawn mower reviews, and see which one fits.

7 Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022

1. Ego 2102SP – Best Electric Lawn Mower

Ego 2102SP

The EGO 2102SP  is a 21 in. 56-volt lithium-ion cordless self-propelled electric mower that comes with a 7.5 Ah battery and charger, and offers one hour of cutting time and one hour of charge time. This beast delivers the same high torque as gas-powered models without noise, air pollution, and a better price. If the lawn is half an acre or more, this mower will do the job. It even includes headlights, so you can do a spot of evening mowing.

One huge plus for the Ego is its large collector bag, meaning you can mow a vast area of a lawn without needing to stop to empty the bag. The drawback here is that the mower becomes quite heavy by the end of your run. Fortunately, this machine doesn’t seem to lose traction at the front when the bag is nearing capacity, unlike some other units.


  • Self-propelled;
  • Removable battery pack;
  • Relatively quiet operation;
  • Bag, mulch, and side discharge;
  • Lightweight compared to other battery-powered mowers.


  • Plastic deck.

2. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower 25022 – Best Corded Lawn Mower

Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Powered by a 12-amp motor, Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower 25022 is perfect to use on all types of grass, while the 20-inch cutting deck makes it ideal for mid-sized yards. Undeniably, its #1 highlight is the 3-in-1 grass clippings management system, a rarity on corded electric mowers. You can either mulch, bag, or side discharge them, so you can or add them to the compost pile or leave grass pieces on the yard to act as a fertilizer.

You can pick from 7 different cutting heights, between 1-1/2 and 3-3/4 inches. No matter what grass you have, this mower is certainly up to the job. Just set the right deck height by operating a convenient lever. Relatively compact and armed with sturdy, 10-inch rear wheels, the grass cutter is also easy to maneuver. Furthermore, the foldable handle brings convenience for storage and transport. Overall, it’s a great value machine, all that you need for efficient lawn mowing.


  • Perfect for small yards;
  • Cuts grass to fine details;
  • Unlimited run time;
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver;
  • Quiet engine;
  • Excellent for the environment.


  • Limited by an extension cord.

3. Greenworks 25302 – Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25302

The Greenworks 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower arrives with a li-ion battery. You’ll get two batteries and two chargers alone with the machine. This model features a 20-Inch cutting deck that offers and great equalization of mobility. Plus, the cutting limit is a standard that makes it ideal for moderate size areas. It weighs 45 lbs, so you can hang it on the wall now instead of taking up valuable floor space.

Moreover, this battery-operated cordless unit boasts a very creative and smart cutting technique that adjusts or changes the run-time or force depending on the grass thickness. The double edges provide better cutting quality. The programmed battery switchover uses power from the second battery automatically once the first battery is exhausted. Overall manufacturing quality is great for the money as well. According to the lawn care professionals, this’s one of the best cordless lawn mowers on the market.


  • Very lightweight and easy to handle;
  • long battery life;
  • When one battery dies, other battery automatically starts working;
  • 5 different height adjustments;
  • No cord in the way;
  • Batteries are interchangeable with other GreenWorks tools.


  • No light on the mower.

4. RYOBI 20-Inch 40V – Best Battery Lawn Mower

RYOBI 20-Inch 40V

RYOBI 20-Inch 40V Battery Lawn Mower offers smooth operation and quality components and is recommended by almost everyone that buys it. It features a brushless motor for less resistance and better durability. You can tune the cutting height to one of 7 settings with a single lever. And while this model can mulch or bag clippings, you’ll need to buy a separate accessory if you want to side discharge them.

The 40V high-capacity 6Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 45 minutes of run time before a 4-hour charge. This’s enough time to mow your average suburban lawn. If you run out of juice, don’t worry because the batteries are interchangeable with other Ryobi power tools. Available for a $454.95, this RYOBI’s model won’t break the bank or you with the cost of oil, fuel, and spark plugs! This machine is our top choice if you want a mower’s convenience without a cord’s hassle.


  • Brushless motor;
  • Fold-up storage;
  • Single-point height adjustment;
  • Spare battery storage;
  • Lightweight and maneuverable;
  • Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be utilized to power other compatible Ryobi equipment.


  • No discharge option.

5. Snapper XD – Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

Snapper XD

The Snapper XD is a 21-inch mowing deck with a variable speed transmission and great features such as push-button start and load sensing technology that regulates power. It’s surprisingly quiet and runs smoothly. The speed at which this model self-propels can be controlled by a lever placed within arm’s reach on the handle. You’ll enjoy the convenience of 7 different cutting heights, all controlled via a single lever. And like many other full-featured electric lawn mowers, this product comes with the ability to mulch, bag, or discharge clippings.

This machine includes two 2Ah batteries and a rapid charger. Each battery is capable of 45 minutes of use, so you’ll get 90 minutes of mowing time in total. The unit has a folding handle and stores vertically, making good use of your storage space. With two batteries, rugged wheels, solid metal decking, and efficient self-propelling abilities, this cut grasser is a worthwhile investment.


  • Self-propelled;
  • 2 batteries and rapid charger included;
  • Eco-friendly and durable;
  • One handle adjusts all 4 wheel heights;
  • Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motor.


  • Heavy due to steel deck.

6. RYOBI 42 in. Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower – Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

RYOBI 42 in. Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

The RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower has all the high-ticket features you could ever want in an electric mower, and it runs so well you won’t believe it’s not gas-powered. With a durable 42-inch steel deck, 4 high-power brushless motors, and zero-turn technology, this splurge-worthy model can mow yards up to 2.5 acres on a single charge.

This zero-turn radius mower sports two precision-cut blades, a 12-position manual deck adjustment, and mulching, bagging, side discharge capabilities. It charges through a standard 120-volt outlet, and its advanced control panel can be employed to activate the blades and LED headlights, as well as display the runtime and battery level. The rear access charging port makes charging the rider easy when the job is finished. Despite all its premium features, this machine is incredibly low-maintenance, with no belts, spark plugs, or filters to change.


  • Best in class features;
  • Long runtime per single charge;
  • Smartphone charging capabilities and cup holders;
  • Smooth cut height adjustment;
  • Low-speed modes for the drive and blade motors;
  • Excellent lap bar controls.


  • Price.

7. American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch – Best Value Electric Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch

If you own a smaller yard and don’t want to invest in an electric mower, the American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch Corded Electric Mower is an excellent and affordable option. This mower is lightweight and straightforward to operate, yet its 11-amp motor will still cut through tall grass quickly and efficiently.

It features a 14-inch deck with 5 height adjustments, ranging from 1 to 2.5 inches. You can opt from between rear discharge and mulching for its grass clippings, and this model even comes with a 16-gallon grass bag for easy cleanup. Its handle adjusts to several heights to accommodate various users, and when it’s time to store, the handle folds down for trouble-free storage. While the frame might not be the most durable, this budget-friendly machine is indubitably a step up from reel mowers for people with small lawns.


  • Great value for money;
  • Light and easy to move;
  • Efficient and fast;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Comfortable ergonomic hands;
  • Cuts evenly.


  • Not suitable for larger yards;
  • No side discharge.

Buying Guide

While most models within the class offer similar features, a few functions are worth paying attention to when choosing the electric lawn mower.

  • Corded vs. cordless – While many new mowers today are battery-powered, many good corded models are also in the store. Cordless machines allow the user to range farther from an electrical outlet, while corded units always have a constant supply of power. If you opt for a corded mower, bear in mind that you’ll need a heavy-duty extension cord; a 12-gauge or 14-gauge cord fill fit the bill;
  • Swath width – The wider the swath, the fewer passes you’ll have to make. On the other hand, wider swaths demand more power, which means faster battery discharge. Average swath widths range from 15″ to 22″;
  • Cutting height – Most electric mowers, like gas counterparts, can be adjusted to fit a diversity of cutting heights, from less than 1″ to up 4″ high;
  • Mulching or side/rear discharging – Collecting grass clippings as you mow or let them fall to the ground and decompose is a personal preference, but if you want to collect the clippings, go for a mower that has either rear or side discharging and a bag you can fasten;
  • Battery power – A wide range of heavy-duty rechargeable batteries is employed to cordless power models. The more powerful the cell, the more power the machine will get and the better it’ll mow the grass. The batteries used to power cordless models average between 20 and 60 volts.


What is an Electric Lawn Mower?

An electric lawn mower is a grass cutter that gets all of its power from electrical energy, usually through a cable or cord. Even though some might have other sources, like solar panels, the majority need to be directly plugged into a power outlet. Aside from that, mowers can vary in almost every other way, including their functionality and design.

How to Start It?

Most electric mowers are started with a button press, either on the handle or somewhere on the back of the frame. A lot of larger models will have pull bars or other safety locks that stop the machine from activating unless you hold the handle in a certain way. Still, others will leave these features out to simplify their design. Anyway, a corded mower will always have to be plugged in – very few corded models will have their own mower battery packs that can store a charge for long.

How to Fix Mower that Won’t Start?

There are a few ways that an electric mower can break, so determining the issue is the most critical step. Check the power supply and the cable running into the machine for any damages or broken wires, and empty the cuttings bag to ensure that it’s not clogged up with grass.

Be sure you check that the blades are connected, mainly if it appears to be working still. In the worst scenario, look for any safety locks on the frame – it may be locked into a deactivated mode without you realizing it.

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