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The 10 Best Running Shoes for Women to Boost Motivation and Energy

Running, like any other sport, requires comfortable and adequate shoes and clothes, which is why it’s essential to take some time to find the perfect apparel that would make you feel motivated to reach your goal.

Since we live in a world where it’s possible to find a million different types and styles of women’s running shoes, you should know how to choose the pair that will be adequate for your sports routine.

Although it sounds like an easy job, it actually isn’t – but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on and find out how to choose the best running shoes for women.

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Women?

Even though all running shoes may look the same sometimes, many essential factors make each pair different from another one.

Before you buy a particular model because you liked it most, make sure you pay attention to the following details since they can determine whether those shoes are the right choice:

Upper Part

The upper part of a shoe is the first thing we see, and it’s mostly the reason why we decide to buy a specific model.

Most female running shoes are made of layers of fabrics and mesh that are sewn and glued together, while many modern styles use knitting and printing to create uppers that stretch or support while in inappropriate places.

Upper Part

Pro tip: Make sure an upper part is shaped like your foot and smooth wherever you touch it. Avoid those shoes that are binding or chafing.

Ankle Collar

The wrap that’s found on the top of the shoe opening and that holds the heel down in place is called ankle collar. It’s essential to pay attention to it since it mostly determines whether you’ve chosen the right shoe size.

Pro tip: Make sure your heel doesn’t slip, nor the padding interacts with the bones on the side of your ankles.

Heel Counter

A heel counter is found inside the rearfoot, and it should cradle and support your heel.

You may notice that some shoes have an external heel wrap, which should provide a smooth movement, especially crucial for running.

Heel Counter

Pro tip: It’s vital to find shoes whose heel counter allows full freedom of ankle motion.


Toebox is the space that occupies all of the upper from the front of the eyelets to the end of the shoe. It should hold the fabrics off your toes and protect them from stubbing, especially in trail shoes.

Pro tip: Make sure a toebox stays out of the way and allows your foot to flex and spread out naturally in width and length – it shouldn’t bind or rub your toes.


The saddle is the reinforced area that’s positioned around the instep, which is the arch of a person’s foot between the ball and the ankle.

The ‘task’ of a saddle is to interact with the laces and hold the shoe securely on foot, and the designers have recently come up with a variety of overlays, eyelets, and lacing systems that mold the saddle closely to any foot shape.


Pro tip: Pay attention to the way the saddle fits and holds your foot – it should provide a secure feeling with no slippage, but it shouldn’t be too tight.


The outsole is mostly made of rubber or foam that’s placed in specific areas in order to increase wear life or impact better bounce or flexibility.

Pro tip: Look for outsole materials that provide tract and durability without adding any excess weight or stiffness. Besides, make sure it matches your footprint and brings the exact level or stability underfoot that you need.

Flex Grooves

In order to make the womens running shoes bend like your foot, many designers use grooves under the ball of the feet. Such grooves improve mechanics and feel, as well as the degree of flex, which changes with speed.

Flex Grooves

Pro tip: Look for the shoes that flex or roll in the way your foot’s moving.


The midsole is the foam material that comes between the outsole and the upper, and it’s designed to protect the runner from discomfort due to impact forces and guide the foot through the stride.

Pro tip: Try as many different models as you can to find the one whose midsole thickness and material are neither too soft nor too firm.

Heel Cushioning

Thanks to the heel cushioning, the impact shock you feel while running will be significantly reduced. Some running shoes for women include a softer crash pad than the others, and it’s generally convenient for enhancing comfort while running or jogging.

Heel Cushioning

Pro tip: Make sure you find a balance between cushioning, stability, and ground feel, and bear in mind that that the shoe should touch down where you expect it to and roll into the stride in the way that feels right.

Forefoot Cushioning

Forefoot cushioning is mostly made of new energy-return materials, and it’s aimed at protecting the structures of the foot.

Pro tip: It’s essential to observe the shoe’s responsiveness and look for a balance between cushioning comfort and a firm push-off platform.

Heel-Toe Drop

Heel-toe drop refers to the difference in height between your heel and the ball of your foot when you’re standing in the shoe. Many experts agree that changing drop distributes forces differently to the foot and leg, which can alter your stride.

Heel-Toe Drop

Pro tip: Try to find a shoe that feels excellent throughout the stride, all from touchdown to toe-off, and reduces excessive stress on weak parts of your feet.

Shoe Geometry

Since runners need shoes that can provide both stability and full freedom of movement, most designers tend to use a variety of technologies to keep the foot from excessive motion and keep it comfy at the same time.

Pro tip: The entire shoe geometry should allow your toe to move comfortably, and naturally, as you walk or run – that said, the best women running shoes should provide enough stability and support.


Sockliner is a removable part of foam that comes inside the shoe that cushions the contours of the bottom of your foot. This shoe part is essential for providing arch support, as well as initial step-in comfort.


Pro tip: Make sure the shoe feels good during the run – don’t look for the softness only, since that’s usually not the best solution.

What are the Best Running Shoes for Women?

When it comes to choosing the best women running shoes, you need to make sure that you find those that are light, comfortable, cushioned, and supportive.

Of course, not all women will need the same shoes, and their choice will be based on their preferences, purposes, foot shape, and many other factors. That said, let’s have a look at the 10 most representative women running shoes that will meet everyone’s needs.

1.      Nike Women’s Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoes – The Best Nike Running Shoes for Women

Nike Women’s Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoes

With Nike Epic React Flyknit 2, you can be sure that nothing can stop you! These good running shoes for women are made of soft and synthetic materials, which will allow your feet to breathe and move flawlessly. You’ll be provided with a significant amount of support at the same time, and you’ll feel comfortable as long as you run.

They come in various colors, and they are suitable for every woman that wants to enrich her running with a stylish and futuristic look.

2.      ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes – The Best Asics Running Shoes for Wome

ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

If you’re a fan of classic, robust running shoes, you should check out ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes that come with all the components vital for comfy and effective running.

They contain a rubber sole that gives the 3 mm of additional height, which helps to relieve the Achilles tendinitis, as well as the tension you feel throughout the entire feet. The GEL technology implemented by Asics gives you energized cushioning during the most intense activities, and the upper, which’s made of breathable mesh, will provide you with freshness as you run.

3.      Saucony Peregrine ISO – The Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

Saucony Peregrine ISO

Saucony Peregrine ISO series comes with a perfect combination of soles that provide you with an ideal blend of cushioning, durability, and traction, which ensure you’re ready to hit even the rockiest roads of the country!

Thanks to their cushioning, you’ll stay comfortable even after you’ve spent all day on the trail, and the reinforced sole will make sure you are protected from sharp rocks and debris.

They’re efficient for running on a trail, grass, or any uneven terrain, and they are suitable for almost all weather conditions – still, avoid them if it’s raining since they aren’t waterproof.

4.      Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – The Best Running Shoes for Women with Flat Feet

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Flat feet can cause a lot of pain and discomfort during the run, which is why it’s essential to wear a pair of shoes that will provide enough comfort and support that will facilitate the everyday sports activity.

Speaking of which, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is considered the best running shoes for flat feet women because they bring comfort, stability, cushioning, and other benefits for girls who deal with this particular issue.

They are breathable and directed away from the Achilles to provide more comfort and shape – that said, they significantly improve traction and flexibility.

5.      Brooks Glycerin 16 – The Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches

Brooks Glycerin 16

Brooks Glycerin 16 running shoes are specifically designed for women who have high arches. A high level of the cushioning found on this model makes every move from heel to toe feel soft and smooth, and although they’re lightweight, they are incredibly durable.

The shoe surrounds your foot, making sure it moves and expands with your stride, which is essential for every type of exercise.

6.      HOKA Bondi 6 – The Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Women

HOKA Bondi 6

If you want to get entirely protected and comfortable while running, have a look at HOKA Bondi 6, a model that’s considered one of the softest running shoes ever!

They are extremely soft and breathable, and the midsole will absorb shock and offer stability. They come in various colors and styles, and they are suitable for both gym and road running. Although they look bulky, they’re actually quite light and convenient for everyone.

7.      New Balance w940v3 – The Best Running Shoes for Overweight Women

New Balance w940v3

Finding ideal running shoes for heavy runners requires a bit different approach. Namely, it’s not recommended to go for ones with incredibly soft midsole since such shoes can cause severe injuries while running.

That doesn’t mean that you should buy shoes which are rock hard, but smooth and supportive. That said, these New Balance w940v3 running shoes could be the perfect choice for overweight women since they have all the necessary components that allow safe and practical training.

These shoes are comfortable and durable, and their dynamic cushioning will provide you with enough support and stability during running or any other activity that requires you to spend a lot of time on your feet.

8.      Nike Flex RN 2019 – The Best Running Shoes for Beginners

Nike Flex RN 2019

Even if you’re at the beginning of your active sports life, it’s essential to have a decent pair of running shoes that will provide you with comfort and smooth movement.

For instance, Nike Flex RN could be the right choice for all the beginners who still need to determine what suits them best. The upper part of this particular model is made of mesh, which allows your feet to breathe during the workout, and the dual-density foam cushions will make sure your every step is provided with comfort.

Overall, Nike Flex RN is an excellent solution for everyone who wants to make some changes in their everyday life!

9.      Adidas Edge Flex – The Most Versatile Running Shoes

Adidas Edge Flex

This model, designed by Adidas, suits every woman who’s ready to start an efficient workout. Adidas Edge Flex is convenient for all types of exercises, and its alluring but straightforward design will fit every sports outfit.

They are made of breathable mesh materials, and its interior contains some essential add-ons that reduce slipping. Accordingly, these shoes will bring stability to both forefoot and ankle, which means that you can enjoy the natural motion without feeling that something blocks you.

No matter if you’re at the gym or outside, these shoes will be the right choice for even the most intense activities.

10.      Nike Joyride Run Flyknit – The Most Original Running Shoes for Women

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit

If you want to try something different and bring a dose of originality to your workout routine, we recommend checking out Nike Joyride Run Flyknit – the best women’s running shoes you can find nowadays.

There are tiny foam beads that are contained in four strategically placed pockets underneath your feet, and they adapt to your steps, providing extreme comfort and stability. These are one of the best womens running shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and durable, and their low-cut design makes them easy to take on and off.

5 Things to Avoid When Buying The Best Running Shoes for Women

After purchasing the best running shoes, women sometimes become disappointed by their choice. Why?

There are some most common mistakes that women make when shopping for running sneakers, and such mistakes can affect the entire workout, as well as the overall sports experience – here are some of them:

  • Buying for looks: We often buy particular shoes just because we find them cool and stylish, neglecting their comfort and overall structure. This doesn’t mean that nice shoes aren’t good, but you should primarily look for something that’ suitable for running or other purposes.
  • Not asking for discounts: As you could see, ladies running shoes are a bit expensive, which is why it’s recommended to wait for some sales or ask for discounts when buying a pair. You can end up paying a lot of money for shoes that might not be worth it, which often leads to huge disappointment.
  • Buying too small shoes: The shoes that are too tight can cause blisters and black toenails that can be quite inconvenient. Hence, try before you buy, and don’t let the discomfort ruin your exercise.
  • Shopping at the wrong time of the day: Many experts claim that the evening is the best time of the day for buying shoes since the feet start swelling in the morning and they don’t stop it until about 4 p.m. That said, you may notice that the shoes bought in the morning won’t fit you during the day.
  • Assuming the right size: Many people think that the size in Nike is the same as the one offered by other manufacturers, and that’s commonly the reason why they end up buying the wrong shoes. Therefore, try shoes before buying them, or measure your feet and order the model according to the size chart if shopping online.

Instead of Conclusion – What to Have in Mind When Buying the Best Shoes for Running?

The first thing you should have in mind when shopping for the best running shoes is the comfort and breathability they provide.

If we want to reach our goals, we can’t feel uncomfortable in our skin – such inconvenience usually kills the motivation and prevents us from doing what we meant to.

Accordingly, put a shoe design aside and think about the things that matter since feeling empowered comes from our thoughts and the way we feel.

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